Gaps In Business Security You Need To Fill

Just how secure is your business office? The reality is that it’s probably no where near as secure as you believe it to be. There are too many factors that you’re not considering. Employees can be a security threat, people you know you can be a liability and then there’s the physical threat of robbery. Let’s look at each of these issues in turn and consider how they could be putting your business in serious danger.

Bored Employees

Do you think that employees are constantly working when they appear to be typing away furiously at their computer. Guess again, particularly if you have adopted the ‘honor’ approach of internet monitoring. The honor approach simply means that you trust employees to use the network sensibly. That means they should not be on Facebook or Youtube, even in the lunch hour. Of course, you may hold a completely different view and have no issues whatsoever with employees using the network like this in their spare time. You probably should though because it will be hitting your company in two ways. First, it will be dragging your broadband speed right down. If you don’t believe this, you need to monitor bandwidth usage and find out what’s really causing your slow speeds. The second is that they could be exposing your company to viruses. These websites aren’t just a distraction they are a danger. They are breeding grounds for dangerous viruses that could crash your systems or result in a hack.

People You Know

Did you know that approximately ninety percent of perpetrators of a crime knew the victim. It’s true and if someone does steal from your business, it’s far more likely to be someone you know compared to a random stranger online. This means that you shouldn’t trust people with secure information about your business. You need to make sure that you don’t make any silly mistakes as well. For instance, you should not be using passwords for files that someone who knows you could guess. That rules out birthdays, pet names and any other form of personal information. Passwords should instead be completely random.

Physical Threats

You need to think about the possibility of physical threats to your business as well. You might think that if an attack comes it will be online. It might be, but there are still an alarming number of break ins into big businesses every year. You shouldn’t automatically assume that it will be a digital breach. As such, it is worth investing in physical forms of security. This is particularly important if you are running a business from the office. You need to setup your business property as a deterrent and avoid the risk of a crime.

It is worth investigating using new tech and equipment to do this. Technology such as scanners may be expensive but they could be worth the purchase. Particularly, if they can guarantee the complete security of your office.

Don’t forget security is always going to be a major issue for a business owner. If you are running a company you must be aware of these threats.

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