For The Love Of Minecraft

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last five years, you can’t fail to have noticed the Minecraft phenomenon. Exploding onto the scene in 2011, this video game became an instant worldwide success. Kids and adults alike across the globe have taken this cute little cube laden game to their hearts. Addictive by nature, like any good game, Minecraft has slotted into a niche within our postmodern twenty-first century pop culture and shows little sign of disappearing. So, what has made Minecraft so popular?

The Premise

The joy of Minecraft is in its simplicity and innocence. Parents across the world are much more nervous about their kids playing Call of Duty or GTA as they emulate drug dealers or shoot people mercilessly in the head for fun. With Minecraft, the pleasure is in the creation of something unique without the need for a ruthless competitive streak or gory violence.

At the beginning of the game, it is just you, alone in a mysterious place. It’s then up to you to construct your very own little bespoke environment. With many building blocks to choose from, you can customize the plants, the fields, the sky, the hills and even the animals. With everything being made up of cartoonish cubes, you are the master of your own destiny. Think Sims with a touch of Doom.


You may think that kids would soon get bored with merely building and you’d probably be right which is why the developers in all their wisdom decided to introduce all sorts of critters that would emerge within your personal world for you to fight. The game is hugely advanced, allowing you to make swords and shields ready for battle from the iron ore that you mined from within your world. You could even kill a monster and steal his weaponry.

The possibilities within the game are endless. You can build a maze of bridges, plant a rainforest and watch it grow, or even chop down some of the wood from the trees that you have nurtured to build a wooden watchtower to protect your lair from the monsters that emerge at night. If you choose to download Cheat Engine version 6.2, you’ll be able to speed up your building, emerge victorious from every battle and unlock every Minecraft hack known to man.

Tapping Into Something Deeper

Without sounding too prophetic, Minecraft has managed to weave its way into the global psyche. When your real life is causing you stress, you switch on the news only to be depressed by global stories, and you need a little bit of escapism, Minecraft is there for you. You can hop into the game and build a beautiful fortress or plant a herb garden. Even though they are fluffy little virtual blocks doesn’t mean they can’t make something idyllic and aspirational. Minecraft has formulated its own genre which captures the imagination of all gamers. With the developers creating even more advancements in the game, its stronghold on the market doesn’t look to be coming to an end anytime soon.

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