Five Ways That Social Media Marketing Can Help Grow Your Rental Property Business

Solid social media profiles are no longer a nice touch or an opportunity to stand out from other property brands—your social media presence is essential in today’s increasingly digital world. Studies show that 96% of adults use a smartphone daily for everything from shopping to engaging on social media. So, by skipping out on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms, you are missing out on a huge market of potential renters.

Fear of missing out is not the only reason rental property businesses need to have strong, established social media accounts. A robust lineup of active accounts can help you grow your rental property business in more ways than one:

Showcase Your Properties 

Show off your current properties on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and tag them with your neighborhood, city name, and other important details. They’ll show up chronologically and in the feed of anyone searching these terms. Live video, walkthroughs, and other solutions can be used on your social platforms to highlight property features and attract renters as well.

Use the Right Platforms 

Each of your properties is unique, and each has a target renter that will be ideal for the residence, area, and community. Whether the prospective tenant is a college student, retiree, or an executive who needs a home-base, it’s essential to make your property appealing to all future renters—and that means on the right social media platforms, too.

While working adults might not have a Facebook, they most likely have a LinkedIn account. So, make sure your property is front and center if that’s the type of people you’d like to have living in your space. However, if you’re looking to also attract younger, college-age students, Instagram and Facebook might be your best bet. 

Before you start marketing your property, make sure you’re showing it off in the right place. Decide who you’d like your future tenants to be, and make sure you’re on the right platforms.

Establish Credibility 

When you consider a new restaurant or want to buy a new gadget, you likely research the brand first. If you find an outdated website and social media profiles that have been abandoned for years, you will probably move on to the next best option. Your target renters will do the same if your social media profiles are out of date or out of touch. Active profiles show you are busy and engaged and present your business in the best possible light.

Take Advantage of Market Research

Market research is expensive. If you wanted to find prospective tenants in your area that are between 25 and 40 years old, live active lifestyles, and love organic products, you could hire a property management company to do the research for you, or you could use social media and the tools it has to offer. 

Facebook collects massive amounts of data, and when you run a promotion (even a small one), you can target users in a specific location, age group, or interest category. By targeting only these particular audience members, you can hone in on the people of interest and learn what they’re looking for. 

Prevent Frustration 

We know it can be hard to respond right away to people inquiring about your rental property. But by using a chatbot, you can field questions and set appointments, use it on a variety of social media sites, and can give an instant response to visitors with questions. This can help prevent prospects from getting frustrated or moving to their second choice.

By harnessing the power of social media for your brand, you can attract more tenants to your property. So, take advantage of social media and the tools it has to offer. By learning how to use it the right way, you can target more future tenants than you might think.

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