23 Oct 2016

Customer Guide to Secure Online Transactions

We live in a technological age in which financial transactions are no longer limited to physical contact with cash or credit cards, and millions of people now conduct most of their financial transactions online. Almost every bill these days can be paid online because a lot of businesses realize it

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03 Sep 2016

How Mobile VR Is Changing Gaming For 2016

2016 has been the year VR gaming has taken serious steps toward the mainstream. With a plethora of providers releasing their VR headsets and accessories, and more games platforms adjusting to these pieces, users are becoming immersed in the virtual environment during their game play like never before. Various sectors

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19 Nov 2015

5 Of The Best Car Movies

Throughout the years, there have been some phenomenal driving films and some equally phenomenal motors at their heart. From the Mini Cooper in the Italian Job to the Volkswagen Beetle in the Herbie movies, cinema fanatics have been treated to some incredible scenes and dramatic, high-speed racing. Here we take

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25 May 2015

Google Cuddly Teddy Patent

We currently live in an age where people are worried about their government spying on them, and are clamoring for more privacy, which is why Google’s patent to create internet toys to run appliances in the home is considered a very bad idea. Calling the Google patent a bad idea

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18 May 2015

Microsoft HoloLens- What Is It?

One of the highly anticipated features that computers with the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system will have, is the new Microsoft HoloLens. This will make Windows 10 the first platform to support holographic computing, with the use of APIs, which allow users to make gestures, gaze, and use voice commands

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