Extend Battery By 800 Percent

One of the most annoying things about the batteries we use every day, like the AAA and AA batteries is that they don’t last very long, and have to be replaced frequently, which can get expensive if you actually keep track of how many of them you go through in a year. The good news is that there is a new gadget that can extend these batteries up to 800 percent. The gadget is called the Batterizer, and it only costs $2.50.

The Batterizer is a metal sleeve that can be easily attached to the positive and negative terminals on any disposable battery, from AAA to D. Regular disposable batteries usually generate 1.5 volts of electricity, but when the voltage output drops to 1.3 volts or below, the devices they are used to power assume that the batteries are dead, forcing you to replace them. In reality, the batteries still have a lot of juice left in them, which is where the Batterizer comes in.

The Batterizer is a booster that uses up the all the energy that is left in the batteries, allowing the batteries to maintain the 1.5 volt output that is required to power the devices, giving the batteries an extra shelf life, and saving you money in the process, because you get to use 100 percent of the battery power instead of just 20 percent. The Batterizer is so thin that you don’t have to worry about it fitting in tight compartments, which ensures that it can fit in any device that you need it to.

For those that are skeptical about the Batterizer, Bob Roohparvar, the developer of the Batterizer, took two batteries that were supposedly dead, and ran tests on them. The tests showed they were both at 1.3 volts. After that, he put both batteries in a Bluetooth keyboard, which showed that the batteries were dead. He then proceeded to put the Batterizer on both batteries, and inserted them back into the keyboard. This time around, the keyboard worked, and the computer screen showed that they were at 100 percent.

The interesting thing about the Batterizer is that it isn’t the first voltage booster ever made, in fact boosters have been around for a while, the only difference now is that the Batterizer has been scaled down to a practical size, and is very effective, which makes it very appealing to people that are tired of buying new batteries all the time.

The battery makers are not going to be very pleased with the Batterizer, because it will affect their sales, since people won’t be buying batteries as much as they used to, thanks to this new device. I for one am very pleased to hear about the Batterizer, and can’t wait until it is released in September, because I won’t have to constantly change the batteries in my remote controls.

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