Exciting Sports to Take Part In

You will have it heard it said many times that participating in sport is important, both physically and mentally, but what about the really exciting and challenging sports? For the ultimate levels of enjoyment there are so many exciting sports that you can try out for yourself. From the thrill of that adrenalin rush to the opportunity to meet new people and travel to new places, these sports offer so much more than physical exercise and mental stimulation.

Some of the most exciting sports for you to try

Coasteering: This sport combines swimming, scrambling, climbing, and diving and all you need is a rocky coastline between the tides. The combination of exercise and exploration will appeal to those who want to have that sense of being in the great outdoors but are keen to test their physical limits at the same time. The blend of water and waves with cliffs and perhaps even sea caves makes for a high-energy and thrilling experience. That you do coasteering without use of any craft adds to the physical test. Protective clothing is essential and this would include a wetsuit and helmet. A buoyancy aid and shoes with good grips are also to be recommended. Coasteering has its origins on the West Coast of the U.K. but has begun to spread worldwide and is offered as a guided activity in many locations.

Downhill Mountain Biking: Mountain biking has long been a popular, adrenalin-filled sport but adding a downhill element has brought it to a whole new level. The full-suspension bikes used for downhill biking are typically heavier than regular mountain bikes and with good reason. Racing a bike downhill involves rough terrain with regular jumps and drops. Downhill mountain biking has evolved to include competitive events, with winning margins often timed at less than one second. This makes for an ultra-competitive sport.  

Ice climbing: This refers to the sport of ascending ice formations, such as a frozen waterfall or cliffs frozen in ice. For vertical ice climbing you will need crampons and ice axes. The ice in question is surprisingly robust, making for a safe climb as long as you are an experienced climber in the first place. Ice climbing draws on skills used in rock climbing, such as the use of rope systems. Ice climbing is sometimes combined with the sport of rock climbing in an activity known as mixed climbing.  

Standup Paddle boarding: Commonly known by the abbreviation SUP, this is a variation on surfing. The difference is that participants stand up rather than lie down on the board and use a paddle in order to propel themselves. It is a gentler activity compared to other outdoor pursuits and as a result has begun to attract considerable interest worldwide. It is recommended that anyone undertaking SUP use a personal flotation device when out on the water.  

Zorbing: This activity originated in New Zealand. Also known as sphering or globe riding, Zorbing involves rolling down a hill in clear plastic ball. It might sound simplistic but it is great fun and makes for an ideal group activity with friends or work colleagues.  

Other exciting outdoor sports worth trying are variations on traditional team sports. Tag rugby is a fun, group activity that removes the tackling that might put you off traditional rugby and replaces it instead with a tag that your opponents have to try and get off you.  

If you are after something wackier then look no further than the sport of extreme ironing. This involves ironing clothes in an extreme, remote location, such as a mountaintop. It might not be the most adrenalin-filled sport but at least you will have nicely pressed clothes.  

Whatever sport you choose it is important to have the right gear and Tommie Copper leg sleeves are one of the must-haves; leg sleeves are made from lightweight, breathable fabric. They help to facilitate recovery post-exercise as well as to decrease soreness and fatigue in the muscles. The last thing you want when you are enjoying your favorite sport is to get injured and wearing something like a leg sleeve helps prevent such a scenario.  

When it comes to sports gear it is essential also that you choose the right pair of trainers or shoes to support your feet and that you wear clothing that is appropriate for the weather and conditions you will find yourself in.

Playing sport supports mind, body, and spirit and doing an exciting, adrenalin-filled activity offers the type of experience that anyone keen on sports sometimes need to push themselves that bit further.  

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