Entourage – Movie Review

Vinny Chase and his boys are back for one more adventure! Entourage, the Golden Globe Award winning HBO show that ran for eight seasons is coming to the big screen, which is exciting news for fans of the show. The last time we saw the boys, Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) was getting married, Eric (Kevin Connolly) went on a trip to an unknown destination with his pregnant ex-girlfriend Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui), Turtle (Jerry Ferrara), was selling high end tequila, and Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon), finally caught a break with a hit television show.

The movie kicks off with Vince, who is recently divorced, and his friends partying on a yacht with beautiful models, while contemplating his next career move, which is to direct a movie. His agent Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven), whom we last saw contemplating a job offer to become the head of a major studio, apparently took the job. As expected, Ari agrees to green light the movie, but the boys blow the $100 million budget he gave them, and need to find a financial backer to make the movie a reality.

In true Entourage fashion, the boys have to deal with a few hurdles along the way, they have to deal with the press, who are looking to leak any story they can about the project, especially when things aren’t going well, they have to deal with budget issues that come up, and all the other distractions that come with being rich, famous, and single in Hollywood, while hoping the movie becomes a success.

They find a financial backer in Larsen McCredle (Billy Bob Thornton), who is a rich oil man from Texas, and can dish out insults as well as Ari Gold. His son Travis (Haley Joel Osment), is a spoilt brat who is sent to Hollywood by his dad to supervise the movie. He is jealous of all the attention Vince gets from the ladies and fans, and tries to sabotage the movie.

For people who haven’t seen the television show, the movie is still easy to follow, despite not having any background information about the main characters. Since it is a movie based on a show about Hollywood, there are plenty of scenes where the characters enjoy the excesses of success, and of course there are plenty of cameos from famous people like Ronda Rousey, Rob Gronkowski, Gary Busey and Bob Saget, who had recurring roles in the television show, and of course Mark Wahlberg, who is one of the movie producers.

For those that followed the show for eight seasons, this is the proper send-off that they were hoping for when the show ended its run, and they will definitely enjoy the movie. If you are looking for an Academy Award winning type of movie, this isn’t for you, but if you are looking for some laughs, Entourage certainly delivers.

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