05 Nov 2017

5 Best Games to Play on Your iPad in 2017

The iPad is a fantastic device for gaming, especially the iPad Pro 2017 with its insanely powerful A10X Fusion chip and that gorgeous 120fps display. Unfortunately, the App Store doesn’t have enough good games on it for serious gamers to consider the iPad as a handheld console, which it has

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13 Oct 2017

5 Essential Gaming Items You Need to Own

Your technology and comfort will determine your gaming performance. If you want to take your skills to the next level, you must invest in the best products for your needs. To help you have an enjoyable experience, check out the five essential gaming items you need to own. Gaming Chair

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05 Oct 2017

The Best Mobile Games You Should Download Today

Mobile phones are like mini computers. We are able to use them to call our friends, take professional photographs and even edit files. But there’s another thing that mobile phones and tablets are great for: games. Open up the app store and you will find a plethora of games available

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03 Oct 2017

Licence to Chill – If I Could Spend a Day As James Bond

If I could spend a day as my favorite film character, I would choose to spend the day as British spy James Bond. Even though there are a lot of movie characters with special powers that can do amazing things, I chose Bond because he is one of the coolest

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10 Aug 2017

Why Pokémon Go Is Brilliant Now – But Has Lost Its Player Base

Pokémon Go was one of the big phenomena of last year. Along with celebrity deaths, the augmented reality game is probably one of the things 2016 will be most remembered for. However, the game is still alive and well and being given new features regularly. A lot of these have

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