12 Dec 2017

5 Films Every Healthcare Professional Should Watch

Studying to become a nurse or doctor can be just as fun as it is challenging, as the entire education experience becomes a way of life that is just one of the many perks that come with the career. After a few months into your education you’ll notice that your

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16 Nov 2017

Old Technology in a New Package: Should You Buy the SNES Classic Edition?

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) is considered to be one of the best consoles ever released in gaming history and Nintendo has now re-launched it as the SNES Classic Edition. While it still contains decades old technology and games, the nostalgia factor is the main driving force here. However,

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08 Nov 2017

For The Love Of Minecraft

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last five years, you can’t fail to have noticed the Minecraft phenomenon. Exploding onto the scene in 2011, this video game became an instant worldwide success. Kids and adults alike across the globe have taken this cute little cube laden game

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06 Nov 2017

Best Nintendo DS RPG Titles to Play when You Need a Distraction

We focus on the business side of technology a lot here on Elliotseweb.com. The market is changing rapidly and it is always fascinating to see the latest trends in SEO, online commerce, and other branches of the internet. That said, it is still necessary to relax every now and then,

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05 Nov 2017

5 Best Games to Play on Your iPad in 2017

The iPad is a fantastic device for gaming, especially the iPad Pro 2017 with its insanely powerful A10X Fusion chip and that gorgeous 120fps display. Unfortunately, the App Store doesn’t have enough good games on it for serious gamers to consider the iPad as a handheld console, which it has

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