01 Mar 2018

Devious Ways Game Developers Messed with Players

Unlike the monotonous and corporate interaction most large-scale businesses are obliged to have with their clientele, game development companies are free to take a more laid-back approach. They can interact with fans by hosting events, adding more online content such as videos and backstories or creating legendary pranks. From subtle

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31 Jan 2018

How Tech Is Changing The Gaming World

For many of us, enjoying a day gaming in the comfort of our home sounds ideal. In today’s modern world, the vast wealth of games available can make it sometimes overwhelming to choose one. From playing at a popular casino online to simulated realities where you build your very own

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17 Dec 2017

The Evolution Of Gaming Over The Years

Gaming has changed as much as many other parts of the technological world, and that is hardly surprising given how popular it tends to be. For gamers everywhere, there are a number of things which have become more important and come to the forefront as games have developed, and there

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12 Dec 2017

5 Films Every Healthcare Professional Should Watch

Studying to become a nurse or doctor can be just as fun as it is challenging, as the entire education experience becomes a way of life that is just one of the many perks that come with the career. After a few months into your education you’ll notice that your

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16 Nov 2017

Old Technology in a New Package: Should You Buy the SNES Classic Edition?

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) is considered to be one of the best consoles ever released in gaming history and Nintendo has now re-launched it as the SNES Classic Edition. While it still contains decades old technology and games, the nostalgia factor is the main driving force here. However,

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