Employees, Understand Your Role In Workplace Safety

Staying away from danger is part of a healthy lifestyle. But, it isn’t something most people do on a daily basis. Sure, at home most of us are keen to make sure we are as safe and secure as possible. In the workplace, however, it’s a different story. Most employees, me included, are entitled when it comes to health and safety because we feel we aren’t to blame. The employers have shouldered all the blame for the past couple of years, and that’s made us less averse to the threats as a result. Well, anyone that values their safety needs to start taking responsibility by following this advice.

Speak Out

The company might have accountability, but so do we if we see something and don’t take action. Frankly, it’s frightening how many people notice a potential hazard and keep it inside. In the end, someone will get injured, and that is partly our fault as much as it is the employer’s fault. So, if the firm doesn’t have the right testing and tagging equipment or signage, for instance, it’s time to tell them. They might not appreciate it, and they might appreciate it – who knows? What we do know is that they will have to do something about it once they are aware, and that relieves the pressure on us workers.

And Spread The Word

Sometimes, it takes weeks and even months for the higher ups to take care of a problem. It happens with business processes, and it happens with health and safety, so there is no need to feel shocked. However, there is a need for action because everyone’s security is at risk. The best course of action is to spread the word around the workplace so that it becomes common knowledge. Not only will this prevent co-workers from suffering an injury, but it also means there is strength in numbers. Should anyone up the chain try to claim innocence, the entire office can fire back.

Follow The Rules

In a lot of cases, employers create and implement procedures and we ignore them because they seem too strict. Okay, maybe they are a little harsh, but that is the way the industry is going nowadays. It isn’t up to us to decide what is right and wrong – it’s up to us to follow the procedures to the letter. Only when we do this can we be sure we will be safe as they exist to keep us all secure. Yes, using a step ladder to reach a file on a high shelf doesn’t seem like it makes sense, but it will when the file hits someone on the head.

Attend Safety Seminars

An employer that values the safety of its workers will do things like put on seminars. In fact, they are usually mandatory, so there is no way we can skip them. What we can do, however, is take note of the presentation. The information that we can glean from the seminar is necessary for our safety, which is why we need to attend and be attentive. It might be boring, but it might stop us from suffering a horrible workplace injury.

Employers have to shoulder the bulk of the responsibility, but we are just as liable.

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