Don’t Ignore The Importance Of Content In SEO Marketing

Decoration is nice. Your home would not be your home without some ornaments that you love. Without the bride and groom figurines, a wedding cake would just be a bad fruit cake with rock-hard icing. If you don’t hang lights on the tree, then the festive season will be duller. And who among us can say that they don’t dress a bit more stylishly when going for a job interview?

The only problem with decoration and style arises when it is there to the exclusion of something important. Replacing the door to your house with tinsel might look cute, but you WILL get burgled. And as sparkly as it might be, nobody is going to buy a glitter hammer. Decoration is the final touch when all else has been sorted out. If the 1989 San Francisco 49ers offense was just eleven Jerry Rices, they’d have won nothing.

As it is with anything else, so it goes with SEO. There are any number of things you can do to make your site to make it more attractive to visitors, and encourage the search engines to find it. This is advisable, in fact. The more strings you have to your bow, the better you’ll be able to play. However, you need to actually have a bow to attach those strings to. If your site is lacking in worthwhile content, then all the visitors in the world will make no difference.

When people come to your site, all the whistles and bells can keep them looking for some time. It’s like a welcoming shop front. Content in SEO is essential because once the visitor comes to your site, you need them to want to make purchases or subscriptions. If there is no call to action, no encouragement for them to spend money, then what’s the point in having a corporate site at all?

Shopping online has become many people’s most usual way of sourcing goods or services because it is easy and fast. You need to be bold with your SEO strategy because there will be many competitors out there fighting for the same customers. It’s not a case of visually impressing people or giving them information. It’s essential that you do both, because otherwise they won’t use your service.

The pure and simple truth is that both these things are not equally important. Your content is indispensable, and a site with good content but just average optimization can have some limited success. A site with poor content and lots of optimization gives the user nowhere to go and nothing to do.

So is your take-home message to concentrate on the content and not worry about optimization? Not at all. Remember, your competitors will be doing all they can to ensure that their sites are as high-quality as possible. So there are no short-cuts. You will need to make sure that you’re pulling out all the stops to beat the competition.

Sounds like hard work? Well, yes, it is. But unless your product or service is so amazingly good that it literally sells itself, you’ll need to work hard. The good news is that the rewards are there.

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