Do You Recognise Your Weaknesses?

When you own and run a business, it’s important to have a business plan. This plan will cover everything from marketing to finance, with information showing how you personally plan to ensure your company grows year on year. With this plan, comes confidence and preparation for the future. The thing is, life often laughs at our plans, especially when we mere mortals don’t recognise where things could go wrong.

As a business leader who is confident in the service you offer, you should be able to stand up and take notice of your weaknesses alongside your strengths. A business owner who can identify where they are weakest are those who can confidently deal with those weaknesses. Those who refuse to believe they are weak in any area of their business generally are setting themselves up for a huge fall. You do not have to be a genius at running a company to be a success. Perhaps you are stronger on the finance side of a business rather than marketing. Perhaps you aren’t as great with public speaking but are fantastic at delegating down to those who are. Recognising your weaknesses in business are as important as promoting your strengths.

Any business owner who can take ownership of their strengths absolutely should. Promote what you’re good at. Show off to the industry that when it comes to marketing, you know what you’re talking about because you invested in IMC masters programs that have meant that you have boosted your own education. At the same time, taking ownership of your weaknesses can help you propel your business forward. If you can recognise where you go wrong, you can ask for help and that is a strength right there! It may seem a little backwards, but as a leader, you should not be leading with your strengths. Well, sometimes it works, but if you can learn to make your weaknesses benefit your leadership style, then you will be onto a winner.

A confident leader is not a ‘one-trick pony’. Understanding the people around you and how they react and respond to the environment they are in is important. This understanding will mean you are speaking their language and you won’t just be relying on your own way of working to go forward. It’s not easy to lead through your own weaknesses, but when you do it, it could be everything that your company needs. It’s easy to think of the things you are good at but not so easy to think of the things that you are bad at.

However, if you can surround yourself with a team who are strong in the areas you are not, then you can have a powerful and profitable company. When your team can see that you identify where you go wrong, they see you as more of an equal and more human, meaning that you can work as equals and be respected. Your leadership success will depend on your willingness to recognise your weaknesses are the strengths of others.

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