Do over 65’s know what Cloud Computing is?

A survey conducted by Webfusion in 2013 found that two thirds of UK consumers didn’t know what ‘the cloud’ was. At that time there was a lack of knowledge around cloud computing, but now that the cloud is being widely used in business and in the home in order to share and store data, there is more understanding of the technology. But has that understanding made its way through to older generations?

In order gauge how cloud computing is perceived by people aged over the age of 65, Databax has conducted a survey of 1000 over 65’s asking them to explain what cloud computing is.

The results reveal that almost half of the respondents (42.6%) don’t know what cloud computing is. According to Ofcom, in 2013 17% of people over 65 owned or used a tablet for web browsing, compared to just 5% in 2012.

The second largest answer was ‘remote data storage’ which received 9.8% of the responses. A further 0.9% of people answered with ‘saving your data’, 0.5% of respondents answered that cloud storage was ‘information sharing’, and 0.5% answered ‘Internet’. Whilst these answers are technically correct, it still shows a lack of understanding around cloud computing technology.

Cloud computing is now an essential part of everyday technology. From accessing emails and entertainment on desktops and mobile devices, but more needs to be done to teach older generations not only what cloud computing is, but how to access and use this technology. Barclays have recently teamed up with Friends of the Elderly in order to combat this issue.

Barclays has set up a Digital Eagles program that provides customers, particularly those over 65,  with digital training via the use of smartphone and tablet apps. These apps are specifically tailored for the older generation and can be used to help improve memory, establish connections with friends and family and boost users confidence when using cloud technology.

Barclays Digital Eagles services are now being used by Friends of the Elderly in day centres and care homes in order to introduce technology into the lives of the people they care for. Barclays Digital Eagles have also launched Tea and Teach workshops in order to teach individuals how to use their smart devices in a relaxed environment.

Although schemes such as Barclays Digital Eagles help the older generation of the UK to have more of an understanding of modern technology, more needs to be done to provide the elderly with access to the benefits cloud computing technology can bring.

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