Devious Ways Game Developers Messed with Players

Unlike the monotonous and corporate interaction most large-scale businesses are obliged to have with their clientele, game development companies are free to take a more laid-back approach. They can interact with fans by hosting events, adding more online content such as videos and backstories or creating legendary pranks.

From subtle jokes to evil mind games that had players running in circles, game developers have had their fair share of fun with players. After all, these are the same masterminds that created massive worlds, characters with backstories more interesting than yours and graphics that give cinema a run for its money.

Here are some of the most evil tricks game developers have pulled on unsuspecting fans.

Ghosts ‘N Goblins

Capcom’s notorious classic is known for many things and fair play is definitely not one of them. Not only is the game painfully difficult to play as a result of the poor controls layout, but the final boss, if you somehow reach it, completely messes up your day. The developers thought it would be a good idea to have you reach it and then tell you that you don’t have the right weapon. “Sorry, but the weapon is in another castle where you thoughtlessly dropped it and probably don’t even remember where” is the exact quote. The weapon you have does zero damage to the final boss.

But you don’t just take a few steps back to pick it up. Instead, you’re taken all the way back to level 5 where you have to grind your way through the endless myriad of challenges you were somehow lucky enough to defeat the first time around. Don’t forget to take the right weapon this time.


Continuing their tradition of screwing over players, Capcom decided to make the intergalactic equivalent to Lethal Weapon as painful as possible. At one stage, you’re tasked with disarming a bomb by going through a variety of minigames, one of which has you moving a block through a maze without touching the walls.

Naturally, you fail this impossible task and are lead to a cutscene, where one of the protagonists decides to take matters into his own hands. After a long and painfully slow process, he fails, and your hopes and dreams of winning are forever shattered. The developers rub it in by making you play the same level again, but the handicapped version.

Dragon Quest

While Square Enix tends to maintain a rather professional image, they had no problem having a little fun with Dragon Quest. One bad decision with a scary dragon and the game’s screen turns blood red. A few seconds of anxiety pass, and it completely freezes, forcing you to erase everything and start from scratch. All because you unknowingly made the wrong decision.

Here’s to hoping modern games such as Pokémon Go don’t do the same thing, as The Banner Herald explains.

Luckily, it’s not often that developers pull the same type of madness with modern games. For better or worse, fan bases tend to be a bit more… fragile these days. So, if you want a real challenge, stick with the classics.

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