Decorating your home for the festive holiday

The last of the Halloween decorations have been packed away, and just as the last leaf falls on the ground, the atmosphere becomes expectant, even alive, with preparations for the holiday season. As the fall breeze gently blows Thanksgiving into November and the various holidays into December, everyone gets swept up in the excitement of decorating the house to entertain friends, family, and any visitors. While expert decorating might seem daunting, holiday revelers can do so effortlessly.

Numerous tips for decorating this holiday season are available, but creating aesthetically pleasing decorations can be challenging, especially on a budget. For one, it is easy to become overzealous and overwhelm visitors with ostentatious decorations. Equally challenging is complementing the decorations with each other and the home. In both situations, keeping it simple can go a long way.

Tips for holiday decorating

  • Prepare for guests. Before purchasing material from arts and craft stores, have a look at the As Seen on TV Store where you can discover some great festive decorations. Be mindful of who will spend time in the home because decorating for friends with children differs from decorating a home for adult visitors. Also, see what is already available for use in decorating the home to avoid overspending. Finally, take inventory of supplies that might be needed for overnight guests (toiletries, towels, blankets, etc.).
  • Experiment with exterior decorations. Depending on space, decorators can create a winter wonderland or cozy seasonal space.  For warmer climates, decorators can switch a conventional wreath with a Joy sign made from wood and green moss or place a giant bow on the door. In place of Christmas lights, place white or black metal lanterns for lighting on the porch. Add a couple fern planters, appropriate for warmer climates, to complete the picture. For colder climates, especially ones with snow, place a traditional wreath on the door and replace fern planters with pine ones. Decorators can replace traditional Christmas lights with perforated gold metal lanterns containing LED lighting and can place these lanterns in strategic spots on the porch and along the sidewalk.  Natural snow cover can complete the picturesque scene. Parents with children can add an amalgam holiday-themed decorations to the yard in any climate to create an idyllic space for children.
  • Design the kitchen for both beauty and function. Because eating and cooking are the focus of the season, add a holiday splash to the kitchen. Simple changes like displaying colorful pots in green and red can add pop to any space. Furthermore, those who eat and those who cook will want to contribute to any holiday menus, so purchase a small chalk or dry erase board with Our Menu stenciled on it to hang in the kitchen, so that all family members to contribute their favorite menu ideas.
  • Decorate more than the Christmas tree. Use this as a golden opportunity to transform the interior of the house for the holiday season, not just the tree and its accompanying stockings. To create a natural holiday scene, use pine cones and pine branches to decorate a mantel piece. By adding red or green Christmas ornaments to this same garland, one can adorn stairway railings. Make use of the numerous seasonal greeting cards by either hanging them on the mantel piece instead of stockings or hanging them along the stairway railing.  Decorators can also make rustic candle holders to display on the dining or living room coffee table from hollowed-out wood and their favorite scented candles.  
  • Get the party started in one place. Whether an evening get together or an afternoon tea, one can create a refreshment zone. For a night time affair, this station can contain glasses and cocktail-making tools, so guests can make their own toddies. Place bowls of limes, lemons, other tasty fruits and olives to add zip to the drinks. For afternoon tea, replace the glasses with teacups and their accompanying saucers with a myriad of tea options and this with any sumptuous confection. If children are attending, add mugs for hot cocoa.
  • Fill the house with aromas of the holiday season. Whether it is crisp pine, pungent apple spice, or any sharp, woodsy aroma, find a favorite seasonal fragrance to awaken the senses.

If all else fails, take last year’s ideas and add a new dimension to this year’s decorations.

Whether adding a splash of decoration or recreating a personalized gingerbread house, decorating can be a fun experience, especially if it engages all family members. The key to stress-free decorating is remembering that however it turns out, at least someone other than yourself will appreciate the effort.

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