Declutter Your Desk and Make the Most of It

Whether it’s at home or at work, you only have so much desk space to work with. Most people don’t have a huge desk, so they need to try and find how to make the most of the space they have. With the right strategies, you can get more from your desk, and make sure it’s always neat and tidy. It doesn’t matter if there’s barely room for anything except your computer. Just create a plan to clear out some space and get organized so you can use your desk is the best way possible. Here are some ideas you might want to try.

Clear Some Space

The first thing you should do if you want to make more of your desk is declutter it. If you only have a small amount of desk space, it’s easy for it to get cluttered. Start by clearing out any papers, especially ones that you no longer need. Digitizing them by scanning them into your computer is sensible if you don’t need the paper copies. As well as getting rid of clutter, you can even free up more space by looking at keyboard trays. With a keyboard tray, you can put your keyboard under the desk, freeing up space on top. A stand for your monitor can also free up some more space.

Decide What You Really Need

You should think about what exactly it is you need on your desk. At the moment, maybe you’ve got a pot full of pens and pencils. Maybe you have an in-tray and an out-tray, or some desk toys. Try taking a minimalist approach and working out which items on your desk are really useful and functional. Is an in/out tray the smartest way to organize your mail? Do you ever actually use all of those pens, or could you put one or two away in a drawer for when you need them?

Add Some Storage

Using storage both on and under your desk should help to keep you organized. You can keep bits and pieces in one place instead of having them floating around on your desks. You can also hide some things away, instead of having them out. For example, don’t have a printer taking up valuable desk space when it could be in a cupboard, ready for when you need it. Choose storage that won’t take up too much space and will allow you to organize everything sensibly.

Use the Space Around Your Desk

Don’t forget to use the space around your desk in the best way too. You have wall space behind your desk, as well as space under and to the sides too. Try thinking vertically when you’re planning storage. Shelving can be extremely useful for holding everything from books to a printer. You can also use the walls for things like a noticeboard or calendar so you can keep track of your tasks and schedule.

You might only have a small amount of desk space, but you can still do a lot with it. It doesn’t take much to make some changes to get more out of it.

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