Cutting Through the Grease

There are two good reasons why you should degrease the engine in your car. First, a clean engine is just easier to work on.  If you, or your mechanic, are going to work on your car soon, a clean engine is just easier to work on, especially if you are troubleshooting a leak.

Secondly, and this is important, a clean engine will almost always bring you more money when you sell your car. Take our word for it, whether you are trading in your old car or selling it via private sale, a clean engine bay will fetch you more money.

Its starts with a degreaser spray

Fortunately, degreasing an engine is easy. There are a lot of engine degreasing sprays on the market. You can find them at most auto supply stores and hardware stores.  These sprays come in two types: solvent and water-based.  Both types do a good job but professionals often prefer solvent-based ones because they cut through the grease a little faster. If you’re sensitive to solvents, choose a concentrated water-based product because they don’t smell as bad.

How to do it

Ready to get a bit dirty? Degreasers work best when the oil and grease on an engine is a little soft. So start your engine and let it run for about 5 minutes. Then shut it off and let it cool down until you can safely touch the exhaust manifold. Ready for the fun? Hose down the engine with the degreaser.  Our technical consultant at suggests to spray carefully to prevent the overspray from jumping out onto your car’s exterior paint.  After you have coated everything, let it sit on the engine for 15-20 minutes and really soften up the grease.

Wash it off

Next step is to take a garden hose with a nozzle and hose down the engine.  Set the spray nozzle for maximum pressure and go to it.  This will likely make quite a mess so be ready to get rather oily and wet.  Usually some grease will still be stuck to the engine, so apply another coat and repeat.  It takes a couple of iterations to properly degrease an engine well.

Final step

By the way, when you are finished degreasing, consider using an engine protectant to make things look like new under the hood.  Gunk Engine Shine is a popular brand.  The spray imparts a slight shine and a protective layer of oil.

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