Cheapest Ways To Make Your Business Look More Expensive

There used to be something prestigious about joining a corporate company and getting that convoluted job title where they combined the words senior and executive and vice president to make you sound like you were one step away from being CEO. However, this prestige has floated away from the corporate gig and into the world of entrepreneurship. That is where people want to be. They want to go it alone. They want to turn up to success-ville riding solo. The only problem is, they also want to turn up looking more successful and more accomplished than they actually are, you know, in reality.

The big question is, how can you achieve this look when you don’t have the money to buy it?

Stop Saying The Word “I”

One of the most surefire ways to expose yourself as the solopreneur you are is to keep referring to yourself as “I”. Basically, you need to stop doing this and start referring to your company as “we”. That is the power of language; it makes the other person in the conversation paint an entirely different picture in their head, and that picture will likely depict a big company lodged in the financial district, not a one man band working out of your mother’s spare room.

Meet My Intern

A lot of business leaders believe students are looking for unpaid interns. They aren’t. They are looking for paid internships, but they will take an unpaid internship if that’s all they can find. So why not latch onto this and modernize your business. It will be a valuable experience for them, and it will mean you’ll have someone to answer the phones, reply to emails and even attend meetings with you. Result: you are going to look like a big business with smart, young employees desperate to work for you.

Improve Your Invoices

If you want to make money then you are probably going to need to send invoices. Don’t jump into this, though, because invoices can quickly dress you down without you realizing. So, your first step is to start using some free invoice templates to give yourself that professional edge. Your next step is to start invoicing from #1120 and not from #1. This will make it look like you have sent out loads of invoices in the past, which will make it look like you are super experienced. Oh, yeah, it is all in the details.

More Email Addresses, Please

There is nothing that says size like a company that has different departments. Sales, design, marketing, bid, IT, project management, admin, HR; the more the better. So why not create these apartments. All you need to do is create an email address for each of them. No one has to know that those email addresses all get forwarded to your personal email address. Lesson to be learned: perception is reality. Remember that.

Change Your Title

There is a lot in a name, so why not make your name as impressive as possible. We don’t mean change your name to Selena Gomez or Princess Consuela or King Joffrey or anything. We just mean, drop the title CEO or Founder onto a business card and your email signature. However, only do this if you have a load of other email addresses set up and an intern on the phones because it will look pretty odd if the CEO is answering calls or replying to every email.

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