Car That Runs On Water – Mysterious Australians Inventions

Over the years, Australians have come up with some pretty cool inventions that have made a big impact on the rest of the world. Inventions like the fridge, electric drill, and the black box flight recorder. Now, the newest invention to come out of Australia, will blow the others out of the water, if it works as it is supposed to.

According to reports, an Australian man has invented a car that runs on water, instead of gas. Yes, it means that the car is powered by regular tap water, which means if he can get his technology, mass produced, there will be no need to spend money on gas for your car anymore.

The man behind the technology is simply known as Joe, and he is credited with inventing a new type of fuel cell that allows car engines to run on water. According to him, he was frustrated by the rising prices of gas in the late 1990s, and decided to take matters into his own hands. He bought some stainless steel and started tinkering with the engine on his V8 Range Rover. He eventually created something he names the Joe Cell, which is an electrolysis type of cell, which he built with stainless steel pipes. The cell charges water, thereby creating a power source for the car.

Joe isn’t the first person to attempt to invent a car that runs on water, over the years, there have been a lot of scientists that have tried to do the same thing, but most of the cars that they created were powered by the hydrogen in water, not the by water itself. This is what make’s Joe’s achievement more special.

With the increasing rise in the cost of gas, there have been a lot of car manufacturers, creating alternative options to fuel cars. Some of these options, like the electric powered cars have been successful, but those can’t compare to the Joe Cell allowing cars to be powered by water, because the electric cars need to be charged regularly, and are not as powerful as other cars. With the Joe Cell installed in regular cars, you won’t lose any of the power, and will never run out of gas, because water is the most abundant natural resource that we have on this planet.

As expected, the Joe Cell is very controversial, which is usual for any new invention. Scientists are dismissing the concept, while alternative energy enthusiasts are cheering the invention. It currently faces a lot of hurdles before it can become mainstream, because if every car in the world ran on water, it will put a lot of oil companies out of business, which is something that they can’t afford, so they will try to fight it and discredit for as long as possible.

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