Can you create a great presentation without PowerPoint?

When people think about creating an effective presentation they general think about PowerPoint; just like when people think about uploading documents online they often think about pdf files. It may surprise you that there are other options in both of these circumstances. If you want to create online publications that are more impressive than a pdf you can use a magazine creator; just click for more information. If you want to create a great presentation, and you do not have access to PowerPoint, there are several online alternatives you can use.

We are going to take a look at some of the solutions you can use if you want to create a presentation that works. All of these solutions are a viable alternative to PowerPoint.

Presentations using Emaze

If you use Emaze to create presentations you have access to a collection of ready-made templates and slides that are just waiting for you to use them. The system is Cloud based so once you have created your presentation you can just store it in the Cloud and access it from wherever you are in the world. Emaze has a really smart translation tool that you can use too, which means you can also present to multi-national audiences. Arguably the best news about presentations created using Emaze is that they can be viewed on any device, including desktop, laptop and mobile.

Presentations in Google Drive

It’s really easy to create a presentation using Google Drive. If you already have a Google account then you can just log in. If you do not have an account it’s simple to create one. Once you have logged into Google Drive all you have to do is click on presentations and start. You can choose a theme for your presentation, give it a name and add slides and content. Once you have finished adding everything you need to include all you have to do is click to save; it really is that simple.

Using Moovly for your presentations

Using Moovly is one of the easiest ways to create a video or presentation online. You can do all of the creation straight from your browser. There are plenty of templates for you to choose from and design is simple with the drag and drop feature that is available. You can also upload your own video, sound and images. This is a great asset when you are putting together a presentation as you may have charts, graphs and other content that you need to include.

As you can see you do not need to have access to PowerPoint to be able to put together a presentation that works. All you really need is a browser and creative ideas about how you can make the presentation interesting and engaging. If you use any of the solutions we have suggested you should be able to create an impressive presentation with no problem at all.

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