16 Jun 2018

Education for a career in engineering and manufacturing

The UK’s engineering and manufacturing industry is one of the largest economic sectors, contributing an estimated £455.6 billion to the Gross Domestic Product in 2014. On top of this, an estimated 5.7 million jobs in the UK are within the engineering and manufacturing sector. Clearly, it is an important pillar

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15 Jun 2018

Are You Ready To Get Your Manufacturing Business Off The Ground?

Deciding to go into business for yourself is definitely an exciting part of life. But some ideas are often going to be a lot simpler to work on than others. When you want to start something that you can do for free and online, you can often get going a

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13 Jun 2018

How to Thrive as a Successful Entrepreneur

In the competitive world of business, it is vital that you have what it takes to secure success. If you are not well suited to this career path, it may be time to look elsewhere. However, even if you are a natural entrepreneur, it is still possible that you will

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02 Jun 2018

Tech That Every Small Business Owner Should Be Familiar With

Nowadays, business is becoming increasingly reliant on technology. Desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones are becoming a part of everyday life in the office. So rather than fighting it, you might as well embrace the phenomenon! This allows you to use developments to your advantage, rather than simply falling behind

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30 May 2018

Setting Up a Business from Your Kitchen Table

Nowadays, the idea of a dream job seems to have been replaced with people talking about their dream business.  Today, we are living in an entrepreneurial age where entrepreneurs are everywhere… admittedly, they’re not all on the scale of Richard Branson, and for many having a blog will be as

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