Business On The Move: Practical Advice For Mobile Workers

Most people work out of a fixed workplace, such as an office or a storefront. But some people have to move around a lot to do their job. Those who spend 10 hours or more a week away from their primary workplace are considered mobile workers.

There are many kinds of mobile workers. Lawyers and salespeople often have to travel to meet with clients. Transportation drivers are mobile workers by nature. Freelancers and contractors often have to move from place to place to deliver services. If you’re a mobile worker, there are certain things you have to deal with that regular employees don’t. Here’s some advice for working on the move.

Use Reliable Transportation

As a mobile worker, you have to travel around a lot. As such, you’ll want to make sure your transportation is as reliable as possible. Those who work as remote employees will often be given company vehicles. If you’re self-employed, you’ll have to handle your own transport.

Having a reliable car is essential if you’re a mobile worker. It will help you meet with clients or get to the places you need to be quick. It can also work out cheaper than public transport in the long run. If you’re self-employed, remember that your car costs can often be deducted from your tax as a business expense.

Your Smartphone Is Your Best Friend

Since you won’t be in a fixed location, having a phone is essential for communicating with colleagues or clients. Every mobile worker should get a smartphone with an excellent data plan to handle business matters on the go.

Your smartphone will be useful in many ways. You might need to use the internet for searching information while on the move. Most phones these days also have GPS capabilities to help you navigate to where you need to be.

Make sure you get an excellent smartphone for business use. You’ll also want an extra battery or a charging block to keep it juiced up.

Take Payments Remotely

In some cases, the clients or customers you travel to may pay you in advance. In others, they may wish to pay after the work is done.

Checks can be unreliable, and cash often isn’t the best option. A good way to handle payment remotely is to accept credit cards using a mobile card reader. Another option is to have them transfer the funds to a business account.

You should also remember to always have proof of billing, as well as confirmation of payment. Give invoices to your clients and keep records of when payment is received.

Look After Yourself

Workplaces always have health and safety measures in place. But when you’re a mobile worker, you’ll need to make sure you take care of yourself.

You should have a first-aid kit handy in your vehicle in case of any emergencies. Consider possible risks that your work may involve and make sure you have measures in place for if anything goes wrong.

Also, don’t forget to take breaks. Mobile workers may feel like they constantly need to be on the move to get more work done. But this can wear you out and make you less productive. Don’t overwork yourself and give yourself time to eat and refocus.

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