Brand Awareness 101: Everything Website Owners Need to Know

Business owners often struggle with creating a unique brand online, and as a result their offer is lost among thousands of similar companies’. If you want to differentiate your brand and stand out from the competition, you might want to make sure that you are offering something more, better, or more valuable than other companies in your industry. To do that, we have created a simple to use guide for you to implement today.

Building Your Brand Persona

If your company is built on strong values and is serving a specific market, you will need to get the message across. Before you can build a strong persona for the business, you might want to find out who your customers are, and how you can offer them more than other companies. For example, if you just started a legal firm, you have to focus on first building  beautiful websites built for your firm then making it stand out through brand messages. A slider design is great if you want to get your values and vision get across in the first few seconds after somebody lands on your business page.

Integrating Videos

One of the best ways of increasing awareness of your brand online is creating engaging branding videos. You don’t have to have a studio to create these videos. A simple slideshow featuring the best aspects of your business, your mission, and your values will work just fine. Make sure that you share the videos on social media sites, video sharing pages, as well as your website. If you are adventurous, you could create an intro video that is displayed on your main page, so your visitors can find out more about you without having to read long paragraphs.

Social Media Engagement

If you want to take advantage of the popularity of social media sites, you should create professionally designed business pages on Google, Facebook, and Twitter. If you make use of these sites, you can drive visitors to your pages, and communicate your offer. Finding customers on Facebook is not challenging: you simply have to target the right audience with your brand messages. Let your potential customers know about your offers, discounts, competition, and unique products, so they will want to know more and visit your site for more information.

Customer Research

In order to create a strong brand awareness, you will need to find out more about your target market. Social media sites and free survey sites allow you to do just that. You need to learn more about your customers’ values and preferences before you can create a brand they can all relate to. You want to attract a specific segment that agrees with your business methods, and values what you have to offer. Customer research is extremely important for creating a strong brand online.

Branding Messages

You can brand yourself personally, if you are a sole entrepreneur, or your company, if you have a strong work culture, and unique offer. Your branding messages should be distributed through different channels. Use social media to create awareness and reinforce your brand image. Create videos to entertain and educate your audience. Write informative blog posts to let your potential customers know about how you work and what makes you unique. You can even use free press release sites to distribute your messages and improve your brand’s recognition on the market.

Consistent Brand Messages

It is important that all your brand messages are consistent on all channels. You cannot appear to be professional in a press release and playful and cheeky on another one. If you are a blogger who is looking to build an audience online, you need to focus on your unique qualities that make people want to follow you and  connect with you. Conduct short surveys among your visitors, so you know what they think of your business after looking at each content you put online. This will help you make your branding more consistent.

Appearing Approachable

No matter which industry you are in, being approachable and easy to do business with can be a great message to communicate. Encourage customer interaction, and create different communication channels, so your followers can ask questions and get in touch with specific questions. An approachable brand can quickly build a competitive advantage in a highly saturated market.

Whether you are a blogger looking for more followers, or a professional surveyor, you will need to monitor how your brand comes across online and offline. Make your brand persona relevant to your audience, consistent, and easy to reach. Use social media, videos, and one-to-one communication to send out strong brand messages and build a strong presence online.

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