BOOM, Headshot Those Online Gaming Irritations

Online gaming is great…right? You get to play with a massive group of people, and in some cases, you even choose who to play with based on your level of skill. But there are still some annoying, irritating and downright disturbing things about playing games online. Can these issues be resolved? Some of them certainly can, and we’re going to look at the solutions to the worst issues you can encounter with an online gaming experience.

Abuse, Insults And Everything Else You Can Think Of

The problem with online gaming is that if you’re playing in a huge group, you can’t always control who is going to be on your team or against you. So, you might be against someone hurling every insult underneath the sun. Or, you could be with someone who frankly, just isn’t working as part of the team. The fact is gamers could be any age which means that you can’t always count on a high level of maturity even on your own team. It’s also the only time in reality where a twelve-year-old could be bossing you around, telling you what to do. Although it is rather good practice for parenthood. All joking aside gamers who insult you and hurl abuse down the microphone might make you think about packing it all in. But don’t do that. Instead, just think about whether to have your mic on at all. You can turn it off, so you can’t hear anything that gamers are saying anyway. This will immensely frustrate someone who wants to yell at you and will instead have to deal with shouting at themselves.

Lagging Behind

Lagging in a game can really change the experience. You see, while you’re battling a soldier on the other side his partner has already killed you with a headshot. It’s just going to take a little time for your internet to catch up. And when it does, you will be confused and irritated. You see the game will often jump in an attempt to catch up leaving you completely lost and doing nothing good for your death count. That’s why you need to make sure you get a great router. According to sites like, there are fantastic options for gaming routers on the market that will allow you to escape the infamous lag. In fact, you might just manage to beat someone else who hasn’t had the sense of getting one of the best routers.

Playing With The Big Boys

Finally, there might be a time when you’re tempted to try your luck on one of the pro servers for game. Our advice here would be a simple, don’t. Even a fun game like Smash Bro’s can turn into a nightmare when someone playing as Pikachu can take you out with a tail whip, two seconds into your first life. No that’s not an exaggeration. Up against pros that can really happen and instead you should stay in your league. Just check out this video to see what we mean.

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