Big Issues to Consider When You Bring Outsourced Staff In-house

Outsourcing often involves having work completed off-site. However, sometimes your outsourced staff need to come to you. It may be necessary for them to do their job properly, whether they’re cleaning your office or working on a marketing campaign. There can be times when you might bring in contractors or temporary staff too. If you ever need to do this, there are some important things you need to think about. Bringing in outside people can raise some issues, including some of security and liability. It can be a sensitive issue to navigate, so it’s essential to consider some of these potential problems.

Choosing the Right Service

Of course, your first worry is probably about finding the right people to bring into your office. They need to be a good fit for the environment and get the job done to your satisfaction. How you make your selection is going to rely heavily on what sort of service you’re choosing. If you’re looking for a cleaning firm, you’re likely to look at the company as a whole, rather than individual workers. However, there are other times when you will be choosing based on the exact people you will be working with. You need to know your requirements and what you’re looking for.


Security may be a significant concern when you’re bringing in outside people. You might depend on the security checks of the company you are using, as well as your own. You should consider what security issues may arise when you bring in someone from outside to work in your office. For example, will you need to give them access to sensitive information? As well as looking at it from a security point of view, you might need to take legal steps to protect your business. You might also need to take some measures such as giving people security passes to allow them access to the building.

Providing Equipment

In some cases, it might be necessary to provide tools and equipment for people hired from outside. However, there are other times when they will provide their own. For example, if you hire janitorial services, they will usually come with whatever they need. Before you have anyone come to work in your office, you need to check if they need anything. You might be required to provide anything from a computer to cleaning products. You should be told this information when you are arranging the service.

Your Responsibilities

It’s also important to find out what responsibilities you have to people who come into your office, if any. If they are not your employee, but a service you are hiring, you are unlikely to have the responsibilities that come with an employer/employee relationship. However, you may still have other responsibilities toward them. You could be required to ensure their health and safety, for example. Find out these things before you bring anyone onto your business premises.

When you decide to outsource any services and bring them in-house, it is an interesting situation. Make sure you know what you need to do for everything to work out.

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