Being The World’s Best Boss Has Perks

How do you treat your employees? Do you look after them and ensure that they feel valued or, are you more hands off with how you run your company. Perhaps, you always want to make sure that your employees are happy. Or, maybe you don’t care as long as the job gets done. If you aren’t interested in the happiness of your employees you may want to reconsider your stance. There are certainly benefits for the best bosses.


If you treat your employees well, they are going to remain loyal to your business. This means if a better offer comes along they may not take it. Instead, they might give you a chance to increase their salary, or they may stay with you regardless. With employee loyalty, you can create a strong business model where the workers care about the business. This is always going to lead to a quality output.


Every year, businesses are inundated with PI claims for accidental injuries in the workplace. But are all these injuries an accident, or are some employees taking advantage of this law? The UK government seems to think that PI laws are abused and they might just be right. But it’s far less likely to have an employee try and win money from your business if they actually like the company and the people behind it.

Strong Workforce

Finally, if your employees like you and your business they are not going to aim to get as many days off as possible. Instead, they are going to want to come into work and give their best for your business. If you are finding absence levels are too high you might want to reevaluate how you’re running your company and check out the infographic below.

Infographic by brighthr – types of employee absence

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