Being Niche Goes A Long Way: Making Your Business Cater For A Narrow Customer Base

Starting a business that caters for a niche market can be a dream come true. The passion that you had for an activity that strays from the typical can be both a blessing and a curse. But also, can you sustain a living from it? Here are some pointers for turning that niche market into a nice market for you.

Make Your Service Simple

You are focusing on a very narrow customer base. So making your service simple and to the point will be preferred. You need to ask yourself questions like, who needs this service? What is so unique about this service? How does this service separate me from the competition?

By answering these questions, it can then help you tailor make your services to your customer. From there, making fine tunings to things like your website, social media output and marketing plans will set you apart.

Find Your Target Customer

Doing research into your market will help you determine the ideal customer. As a niche market is a market that sits on the threshold of another, larger market, you need to address where you are inside it. For example, the challenge of launching an OTT Service in the sea of other streaming websites like Netflix and Amazon Prime will make it difficult for you to compete, but they provide more mainstream content. Whereas a site like Mubi provides less mainstream films, so can you provide a service that’s unique enough. Ask yourself questions like, who lives in your marketplace? Why have they been underserved? How can you better serve them? How can you unite them? Basically, why is your simple service the solution to their problem? When you answer the questions, you can then find your target customer and acquire their custom. Use the tools that they use, like social media. And utilising the lessons learned from people that have been there before you will help you prepare better. Aligning yourself with key influencers has never been easier with social media and networking sites.

Become The Niche’s Expert

By developing a niche business, you can automatically become the authority on the subject. Being an influencer in a specific field will get you attention from further away than you thought. You can communicate your setup and success of the niche business through blogs and online video diary entries. If there are people wanting to follow in your footsteps, don’t be coy. You can advise them about the difficulties you faced and even listen to their business plan. You could be onto a winning merger.

Make Your Service Relevant

Take your opportunities to show people why your business is superior from the next “one size fits all” approach. Why do you stand out? What can you offer your customers that other, big name brands, cannot? Your competitor may be a low cost leader, but your niche marketplace appreciates high quality craftsmanship. So give them that more personal approach, it will keep them coming back.

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