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The big aspect of getting your company to fly, your business to grow, and customers to have faith in you is your image. Your overall personality as a company will do more for you than projected sales figures and the most up to date business tools. Having the right image will show you for who you are and what your intentions are. And so many small businesses underestimate the importance of a great image. It can be a lot more than just a method to get your company out there. What is the key to having a great business image? It’s the branding. This is another word for your business personality. This differs from the image slightly as your brand, like Nike, or McDonald’s, it is something that evokes a feeling from the customer, whether that is quality footwear or good food. And when you market your company, you need to be sure that your brand is correct before you embark on the process. Having the branding wrong can waste a lot of time in going back to the drawing board as well as money, so try and get it right as soon as you can. Marketing is such a broad canvas that we can use almost anything to get ourselves heard now. Thanks to the internet we can reach people far and wide and communicate ourselves to different cultures and nations.

A vital part of the marketing process is the videos or vlogs you should put out on a regular basis. Even a YouTube channel is an important communication tool because you can do so much for yourself by having a short video diary or having an eye-catching ad. You can go online and look up how to make YouTube channel art, and contribute a good design to your backdrops, so it gives your videos a better image, and will encourage repeat viewings and have more people drop by the channel. With (almost) everyone owning a YouTube channel that just looks like the other few billion, you need to work at giving your whole business an identity and personality, which is where branding works really well.  

Another method that works well in the computer age is a podcast. While the talk radio format of a podcast doesn’t lend itself well to the quick click generation, it is a wonderful method to drum up custom and support in a slow burning way. People who will stick around for your first hour of podcasting will stay for many more episodes, giving you a decent fan base. And while you have the chance, you can offer an exclusive deal to podcast listeners, for example, a 20% off code for a product. And the best thing about a podcast is that it is so cheap to make. It is one of the cheapest marketing methods overall because you need some basic equipment, the internet, and a compelling topic. That latter point is the key to a successful podcast, so make sure to put in some thought to attract a certain target market.

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