29 Jan 2019

Why Storytelling is Important When Capturing Business Photos

More and more businesses are starting to use storytelling to capture photos that are more effective. But before you can do that you first need to understand the role that storytelling plays in photos – and why it is so important to businesses. While there are many benefits to using

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28 Jan 2019

What You Need to Know About DBA

Tried starting a business? Aside from getting a brilliant idea that is sure to bear fruits and getting adequate capital, there are a few legal requirements you must fulfill. Proper business registration is on top on the list. Registering your business is important if you want to stay on the

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22 Jan 2019

The impact climate change will have on UK business and economy

Dealing with climate change is usually top of the governments’ list of priorities when it comes to countrywide problems. Since the 1800s Earth’s average temperature has increased 1.1°C with most of the warming coming from the last three decades. Global warming is already affecting our lives, with rising sea levels,

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17 Jan 2019

Why should you build a better customer relationship?

Customers are a vital part of business in every sector and without good customer service you are giving your competitors an edge over you. Good customer service relies on the relationships you and your staff make with customers; maintaining these relationships is paramount to a successful business. But what makes

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07 Jan 2019

How to Choose Private Label Suppliers for Your AgriTech Business

The agriculture industry is advancing at a rapid pace thanks to new startups in the AgriTech business. Just as many FinTech companies disrupted the financial world, AgriTech startups are bringing new approaches, better technologies, and innovative products to the landscape. The demand for new products and solutions is high; now

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