Arguments For & Against Buying a Used Phone

When we decide to make a purchase of a new phone, especially an expensive one, naturally, we want to make sure that the phone will not stop working after a few days since its purchase. Therefore, we have decided to give you some tips on what you should pay attention to when buying a used smartphone. As for prices, you can check phone prices online and see that they are more than affordable.

A few useful tips that will be relevant when purchasing a used smartphone:

1. Buttons.

Be sure to check all the buttons on the used phone, they should be pressed easily and smoothly, and they definitely should not be cranky or dangling. If everything is fine with the buttons, one can conclude that the owner of the phone took care of it well, which is good for us as a buyer.

2. The back cover of the phone.

Stretches on the back cover of the phone. Unfortunately, they are inevitable. Scratches and scuffs appear on their own when you pull out your phone from the pockets of your jeans or even when you put on a protective case, especially if the case is not original and cheap. The number of scratches will give you an approximate idea of how long the phone has been used for. Logically, the more scratches there are on the phone, the older the phone is. Although it all depends on the owner and their attitude to the phone.

3. Connection.

When buying a used phone, check whether the Wi-Fi, LTE, 3G, the mobile connection work. In addition, do not forget to check Bluetooth and, in case of an iPhone, AirDrop. It is also important to check main things on the phone such as the camera, video recording, speakers etc.

4. Phone screen.

Check out whether the phone screen has any cracks or stains. No one likes to have scratches on the phone screen, since they spoil the mood when interacting with the phone. However, scratches on modern phones are different from those on old phones. You will be able to notice them only when using your phone in the sunlight outside. When using your phone indoors, scratches will be almost completely invisible. In addition, service centers have the means to eliminate scratches on the phone screen.

5. Battery.

This is a very important issue to consider when buying a phone. Each of us wants our phone to work for a long time and does not want it to turn off in the most inappropriate moment. However, if the phone has been used for, say, half a year, then it is totally fine. Battery life during this period almost does not lose its performance, and it still can compete with the new phone on the number of working hours without recharging. In addition, if you want to buy a smartphone that supports battery replacement, you will always be able to replace it at any time on your own! However, keep in mind, that iPhones and of course used iPhones do not support battery replacement.

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