An Essential Guide to Improving Safety on Your Construction Site

When something goes wrong on a construction site, it can go really wrong. As the owner of a construction business, there is a lot of pressure to ensure that you protect the safety of your employees.

It can seem like a formidable task. Construction is, after all, an inherently dangerous job. But your employees have turned up to do it anyway. You owe it to them to make sure they’re as safe as possible. Here’s a quick guide to the ways in which you can do just that!

The Internet of Things

This might seem like a strange one to start off with, right? After all, how could the Internet of Things possibly help you on a construction site? Well, you may not know what the Internet of Things actually is. Once you know that, you’ll probably understand the potential benefits pretty quick.

One of the most amazing things coming from this technology is the “smart hard hat”, available in many iterations. They can monitor heart rate, locations, and even whether or not the wearer has fallen asleep! You can also look into IoT technology that will alert you when your inventory needs a refill.

GPS tracking

Okay, this is technically a part of the “Internet of Things”. But hey, I’m going to give it its own section because it’s too interesting to lump in with the rest!

We often forget to consider the vehicles and other heavy equipment used on a construction site. Of course, we know how to stay careful around and them while we’re using them. But we rarely look into technology that can help in this area. Here’s a suggestion for you: construction equipment GPS tracking systems. This can help monitor the activity of the use of the equipment. This will help you maintain communication and accurately record safety compliance. Speaking of which…

OSHA compliance

You need to make sure your site is compliant with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration! Their exhaustive list of regulations may seem like a hassle to some business owners. But that’s the wrong way to look at it.

These regulations help you cover virtually every possible area of danger on a construction site. You should double-check the OSHA regulations just in case there’s anything you’ve forgotten. Besides, if you’re not compliant with OSHA then you risk your business shutting down, anyway!

Supervisors and medical support

Business owners can’t always be right there on-site. And besides, you’re may not necessarily have the safety training that is needed for supervising the site. That’s why you need to get at least one supervisor. (That would be the gender-neutral term for what some of you might call a foreman!) Better yet, get more than one, especially if you’re on a particularly big site.

You should also make sure you have plenty of medically-trained professionals around. This is something that OSHA requires you to have, but I’ll put it here just to make sure you remember it! Be sure to combine this with adequate medical equipment available within easy reach anywhere on the site.

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