All The Trick Fixes You Need For Your Tech

We all panic when there’s an issue with our tech. These days, if you trip over and hear something break, you hope it’s your leg, not your phone! This isn’t quite as silly as it sounds because phones are more important than just devices for contacting people. They are our connection to the world online, the device we use to make money, our source of entertainment, our map. So, it is understandable why we are so attached to technology and why it can be devastating when it breaks or crashes. Never fear though because we’re going to look at some great ways to fix faltering tech.

In The Splash Zone

Have you ever taken your phone on holiday and accidentally gotten it soaked or dropped it in deep water. You might think that’s the end of your device, but don’t be so sure. It depends how fast you can get it home and put it in a bag of rice. Believe it or not a bag of rice can soak up all the water in your phone before it does permanent damage. Now it might still need a repair and companies like Forever Wireless can help you from that point. But, it probably won’t need to be completely replaced and ultimately this could save you a lot of money.

Missing File

Maybe you forgot to save your file, or perhaps you just accidentally deleted it. Either way, the work you completed is gone for good…right? Wrong, there is a way to get it back. If you accidentally deleted a file, you need to take your computer back in time. You can do this by taking off the safety settings. This will allow you to access previous versions of files on your computer and recover a file that used to be there.

If you forgot to save the file, you can look at recovery options. By doing this, you should be able to find work even if it wasn’t properly saved. This just shows that nothing is ever truly gone from your computer. If you inputted it, it’s still there somewhere. The same is true for USBs and external hard drives although this is slightly more complicated.

The Screen Of Death

Every computer, device, and the phone has something similar to the screen of death. If you had a PS3, you’re probably aware of the yellow light of doom. As for a typical PC, it won’t get past the startup page, and an iPhone will simply display a completely white screen. These issues point to computer corruption deep in the main frame, but they are all fixable in one way or another. Don’t give up on your device. For instance, the white screen of death can be solved typically with a hard reset. To do this, hold the home and off button down until the screen switches off back and back on again. Keep doing this until you see the Apple symbol. You should only give up on this option if nothing changes for about five minutes.

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