A Guide To Being A Startup With A Difference

Being a startup with a difference is a must if you’re not only going to succeed, but thrive in this day and age. There are so many startups out there right now, and some of those business are likely strikingly similar to what you have in mind. This guide will talk you through becoming a startup with a difference, so you can have confidence that you’re going to be business planning for the long term. Read on to find out more!

Make Sure It Feels Right To You

Your startup should feel right to you. In an ideal world, you’ll be true to yourself and it’ll feel like something you really want to be involved in. Usually, if the business doesn’t feel right, it’ll be difficult to get those clients in. You’ll just know. In order to make sure your business feels right, you need to make sure of the following point…

Ensure The Business Matches Up With Your Values And Beliefs

Your business should align perfectly with your values and beliefs. This differs from many businesses out there that simply do things because they want to jump on the next trend, or make as much money as possible. Of course you should believe that there’s money in your idea, but it’s also crucial that your values and beliefs match your business idea too. For instance, if you value sustainability and believe everybody should be chipping in to help the planet, you’d make sure that your business plans, goals, and even the businesses you work with all line up with that.

Go With The Flow And Evolve When The Time Feels Right

Evolving when the time feels right is super important. If you stay the same just because it has worked for you in the past, don’t be surprised if things begin to go stale pretty quickly. Evolving is a natural process for all businesses. For example, some businesses start as one thing and end up as a completely different thing. Facebook used to be a photo sharing site. Instagram used to be a check in app where users could share their location. These things evolved into things that worked better and things that felt right.

Business also evolve by hiring, moving offices, and more. However, you need to be sure that these things are not false starts spurred on by a small amount of success. You need to make decisions that will enhance your business rather than decisions that will feed your ego. If you do decide it’s time to upgrade, there are many new easy ways to lease office space online, to minimize hassle.

Genuinely Care For Your Customers

There are some startups out there who genuinely care for their customers, but there are many out there who don’t seem to. Your customers will be able to tell if you care, mainly through your customer service, or lack thereof. Having a great customer service procedure in place before you even start your business will make a world of difference. This will make the difference between loyal customers and customers who move on. It’ll make the difference between an amazing reputation and a mediocre/bad reputation. Make sure everybody is on the same page with this too!

Treat Your Staff Well

Your staff are also extremely important. Treating your staff poorly will mean a high staff turn over, very little job satisfaction, and people contributing to your reputation negatively. Happy staff members will want to be loyal to you, and will likely become brand ambassadors. Make sure you give your staff feedback, let them know you appreciate them, and pay for their lunch from time to time. It will make a difference!

Look At Any ‘Mistakes’ As Learning Opportunities

The best startups don’t get beat down by mistakes. There are always going to be mistakes. They look at these as learning opportunities instead. By learning from each occasion or situation that didn’t quite go your way, you can be better in the future. Never stop learning and never stop planning for success!

The most successful startups never get too big for their boots too quickly. You may have heard of entrepreneurs who went out and bought super fast cars after they landed a big client, only to struggle later on down the line. Make sure you’re sensible, take your time, and do what you need to do to evolve. Do you have anything you’d like to add about becoming a startup with a difference? Leave your comments below!

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