7 Outrageous Car Mods That Should Have Never Happened

Any car enthusiast knows that there’s no better way to show your engineering prowess and love for your ride than to kit it out with some sweet customizations. Whether it be a Tuning Guru-approved turbo or a beastly Rocket Bunny body kit, we all have our dream mods. But as with anything car related, these modifications don’t come cheap, which has resulted in some rather poor imitations.

It seems that some car owners simply disregard the whole “maintaining your vehicles value” and decide to turn it into a poor combination of metal, glass and sometimes even wood. From pure bad taste to monstrosities that simply cannot be roadworthy, here are ten ridiculous car mods that will make a Prius owner proud.

Ridiculously High Ride Height

It seems as if this owner won some sort of suspension giveaway but didn’t realize it was meant for a truck. The only advantage I can see is that you could probably fend off anyone shorter than 5 feet as they simply won’t be able to reach your door handles.


These silly combinations of raised suspension and gigantic, blindingly bright wheels has become somewhat of a trend recently. They may look “cool” to certain people, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But there’s nothing cool about feeling every pebble and tiny bump in the road because your tires are paper thin while your rims are as large as UFO’s.

Coal Rollers

This is probably one modification we can all agree on being just plain tasteless. What better way to show your pure ignorance and stupidity than sticking a pair of giant pipes on your already damaging pickup truck and then having those pipes blow out enough smoke to rival most factories? Its inconsiderate, annoying and doesn’t even look cool.

Wooden Extensions

Regretting your Jeep Wrangler’s open-top design? Wood and nails to the rescue! As long as you don’t mind the imminent invasion of termites, spiders and splinters, this improvised roof is sure to keep your passengers warm.

Ridiculous Camber

Ever wanted to make your car look like it was squashed by a really large, heavy foot? No? Well, a whole community of people do. The result is that the tiniest rise in the road will completely shave off your front and rear fenders because your car is practically hugging the ground. Enjoy buying new tires every two weeks as well.

Hentai Graphics

When a “weeaboo” gets enough money for a tuner car, this is the result. They go to some poor paintwork or sticker specialist and ask them to print their favorite double D-clad Japanese “cartoon” character all over the car, probably doing something lewd.

Backseat Bench

Ever thought the bottom piece of a bench kinda looked like a wing? Well, seeing as there’s a seat on top, you might as well stick the entire bench onto your car. After all, aerodynamics is a myth!

Sometimes less is more and in the case of the above, much, much less would definitely be doing more for their cars. Rather save up for a decent stereo, or a fuzzy dice.

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