6 Things That Make Joomla Better Than Drupal

Many people regard Joomla as being a vastly superior content management system to Drupal, and for good reason. These days more and more people are making the switch to Joomla, and it’s pretty clear why when you take the time to get all of the information. If you are currently looking for a reliable and comprehensive content management system, it is important that you read this article. Joomla has had a reputation for being a top notch CMS for years now, and we want you to know exactly why that is.

  • Superior URL Rewrite Management

One of the ways in which Joomla surpasses Drupal by miles is its URL rewrite management. You will find that the pathauto module enables you to assign whatever name you want to each page so your specific needs are met. There is also the redirect module, which lets you redirect the URLs of your choice to wherever you want. While it may not seem like much, it is an incredibly important feature that can make or break most websites. The fact is that Drupal’s version of this feature isn’t nearly as comprehensive or functional.

  • Ease of Use

When you are looking for the best possible content management system, you obviously want to find one that is going to be fairly simple and easy to use. One of the primary complaints that people have about Drupal is that it’s far too confusing. Joomla, on the other hand, is just about as simplistic as you can get. It manages to be user-friendly while still very functional. If you purposely want to make things harder for yourself, by all means go with Drupal. Joomla is well-suited for people of all experience levels though.

  • Database

Another drawback of using Drupal is that all of the logs are kept in the database. This essentially means that it’s far more challenging to access the logs, which can become extremely inconvenient. With Joomla, you can easily get to any of the logs very quickly and without any complications whatsoever. Drupal is also not a great choice for those who want to use Linux tools because of their overly convoluted database structure. There’s also no support for log rotation, and if you want to archive previous logs you are simply out of luck. Joomla is the clear winner when it comes to database issues.

  • Coding Support

A lot of people love using Joomla because it is PSR-1 compliant. It also makes custom development very easy and completely painless. Drupal is not PSR compliant at all, which is a huge drawback for most people. It is very important that you look for a CMS that is PSR-compliant, because otherwise you are just asking for trouble.

  • Overall Performance

The overall performance of Joomla is much better than Drupal. Caching aside, Joomla is the clear winner when it comes to speed, and it doesn’t use nearly as many resources. If you don’t want a content management system that is going to drag like crazy, you will definitely want to take a close look at everything Joomla has to offer. The fact of the matter is that these two are worlds apart when it comes to performance. To put things into perspective, you only need 512 MB of memory to use Joomla, while Drupal requires a whopping 2GB to run smoothly.

  • Plugins

Plugins are an incredibly important thing for most people who run a website of any kind, and Joomla has a ton of them. While it’s true that there are quite a few plugins available through Drupal, you won’t have nearly the same selection to choose from. If you want to be able to choose from thousands of great plugins, Joomla is going to be the clear best choice. There are so many plugins you might even feel overwhelmed at first.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Joomla is definitely better than Drupal in just about every way imaginable. Anyone who is in the process of trying to find a good CMS that they can rely on time and time again will find that the choice is ultimately pretty easy. Joomla has been around for quite a while, and it just has more to offer as a whole. Drupal is riddled with flaws, and chances are it won’t be able to satisfy all of your needs over time. When it comes to performance, coding standards and just about everything else, Joomla is still considered king.

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