6 Powerful Strategies to Promote Your Brand

Promotion is an essential aspect of a successful business. If you want to succeed in your chosen industry and compete with your rivals, you need to identify and employ various marketing tactics to boost brand awareness and sales. Check out the following six powerful strategies to promote your brand.

Promotional Gifts

Stay at the forefront of your target audience’s mind by giving away promotional gifts. Branded pens and custom USB drives will be a well-received item for all ages, as people will use the items in their everyday lives. So, whenever they are in need your services, your brand will be their first port of call – so ensure you add your contact details.

Product Giveaways

Are you set to launch a new product? Promote the new range with a product giveaway, which will boost engagement with the item and your brand, whilst allowing you to promote your product in a non-salesy manner. People love items for free, so you can guarantee the competition will allow you to experience a great return on your investment, as you could acquire new social media followers, boost your brand awareness, and could potentially increase your conversion rate.

Mail Order Marketing

If you want to know what is encouraging your customers to shop with you, you should consider employing mail order marketing tactics. Provide new customers with a free item for information on why they chose to buy a product from your business. If you can help you to identify what is encouraging sales, and you can use this information in your sales tactics and marketing methods, which will help your brand grow from strength-to-strength. What’s more, the free item could turn those first-time shoppers into loyal customers.

Customer Referral Programs

If one shopper is happy with an item, they will probably have friends who would love the product, too. A customer referral program can therefore encourage word of mouth, as you can provide customers with a reward for referring new customers to your business. Provide loyal customers with a discount code, free product or a cash reward as an incentive, which could help you to develop a large and loyal customer base.

Instore Customer Events

Raise your company’s profile by hosting an in-store customer event, which should provide guests with free refreshments and prizes. Emphasize that there is no obligation to buy a product, but to simply browse your displays and enjoy a refreshment. Ensure advertisements are highly visible to encourage as many customers as possible to attend the event. It could, therefore, result in both current and prospective customers walking through door, who will take the time to learn more about your brand, and they might even buy a product or two.

Support a Worthy Cause

Supporting a worthy cause or charity not only allows you to give something back to the community, but it can also be an effective promotional tool for your business. Working alongside a charitable cause can establish your brand as a socially-conscious company, which could help you win more customers. You can also encourage sales while supporting the cause by giving a percentage of a product’s profit to charity.

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