5 Ways to Make Your Business More Secure

There’s no prouder moment for an entrepreneur than when he or she can look around them at their successful start-up and happy workers, or look over their list of top clients from the comfort of their beautiful home office. All of this could be in jeopardy though, if you don’t ensure business security – here are just a handful of ways to do it.

  • Strong technical support

Who first installed your computer systems? Who wired all your connections? Who hosts your website platform? All of these contacts will form your vital security network if you have any technical issues or problems which could compromise your company’s security. It’s vital that you establish good working relationships with them, keep in touch with them about new security upgrades and developments, and even employ your own technical wizard to watch over these processes for you.

  • Better providers

You shouldn’t think for a moment that security is only an issue for those within your office walls – it can spread throughout the rest of your business too. Always make sure that you hire reliable couriers and delivery companies for everything from transporting goods between warehouses to tracking confidential documents. Some providers will be more expensive than others; Pallet Anywhere offer pallet delivery within the UK and Ireland, for example, and they charge very competitive rates and come highly recommended. Make sure you shop around for the best your budget can buy.

  • Change passwords regularly

This may sound like a simple thing to ask of your workforce, but it’s one of the most common ways hackers can enter your system – either through predictable passwords, or monitoring your computers. Aim to change all passwords every six months, always go for a mixture of upper and lower case, numbers and special characters, and don’t forget to transfer any files around via an approved and encrypted USB stick.

  • Train your staff

Knowledge is power, and where criminals are concerned, it only takes one false move to hand all that power over to them. To try and lower the risk of being targeted by cyber criminals, ensure every member of staff is thoroughly trained in how to keep the business secure. Devise a programme that covers everything from what is appropriate content for emails (both internal and external) and classification of data, to social media policies and what to do if there is a breach in security.

  • Destroy anything confidential

Finally, when getting rid of printed documents make sure they’re finely shredded, and no hard drive or flash card should be discarded as though it’s rubbish. Check every piece of technology thoroughly and wipe everything completely. There could be all manner of information on there, including client card details, so you can never be too cautious here.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and if you’d like some more tips on how to keep your business secure, check out this article. Don’t forget to leave your comments below too.

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