5 Reasons Tech is the Go-To Industry For Millennials

Look around: it’s boom time. From what was up until recently a relatively niche industry has exploded into one of the most in demand, forward-thinking, well-paying industries around. For millennials – and for that matter, anybody else – curious about which industry they should choose for their career, it all comes to one field: technology. Below, we take a look at five compelling reasons the next generation are leaving the finance worlds behind and looking to join what they consider the future: technology.

For the Future

In the coming decades, the same technology that is providing an income for some people will also terminate the incomes of other people. Just how widespread the use of artificial intelligence will be is yet to be fully realized, but the early indications are that it will be widespread: some 40% – 50% of positions will be replaced by a robot in the next few decades. The Millennials who enter the tech industry will be spared, and thus it makes a sensible choice. The general nature of tech means there’ll always be something new to do, always will be positions to fill.

New Industries

Tech is just an industry that exists on its own: it also permeates other industries, creating new positions and challenges in the process. The old guard of traditional companies will not be overrun by tech: they want to integrate into their organizations. People with backgrounds in medicine, education, retail, and more will be able to work in the same industry, but from a tech angle. In particular, how healthcare and technology interact is very big right now.

Opportunities Galore

It’s important to remember that while many people already work in tech, it’s nowhere near enough. There are more positions available than there are people to fill them. Looking at how to find IT jobs, it’s clear that it’s not so difficult – especially compared with other industries. If a person can teach themselves some skills, get qualifications for others, and understand the art of talking to people (in a networking sense and when they have job interviews), then there’ll find that there are plenty of jobs waiting for them at the other end.

Make a Change

In the old days, the leading financial institutions would be lining on graduation day to cherry pick the brightest and best graduates. They’re not finding it so easy anymore, in part because of the PR disaster they’ve lived through since the financial crash. Young people see tech as progressive (because it is), and an opportunity to change the world for the better. That’s something that few industries can offer.

And Finally: Money

Of course, there’s one other big reason why tech is growing in popularity and is in fact considered by many to be the only option for a career: it pays well. Starting salaries can be high, and as there are more jobs than people, it’s easy to negotiate a higher wage. All in all, it offers a well-rounded, challenging, easy to access career, and it pays well! For the youngsters looking to the future, it’s the logical choice.

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