5 of the Best Resources to Help You Expand Your Knowledge in Web Development

Delving into the world of web development for the first time is often daunting. There’s no real or easy way to gain knowledge and there’s no set place to start – you just pick something you’re interested in and you learn the rest as you go along. However, if you’re looking to expand your knowledge in web development, there are plentiful resources online to help you on your way – some of which are outlined below.

Digital Point – Webmaster Forum

Although Digital Point is primarily a forum for webmasters to get together and talk everything web development – it’s an excellent resource for those looking to learn from simple programming mistakes to develop their skills. The forum itself is very popular among internet marketers looking to take their online ventures to the next level. However, it also contains many sub-forums to help programmers, designers, writers and SEO experts expand their knowledge. What sets Digital Point apart from other web development forums, though, is that it also has a huge marketplace for web developers to buy/sell/trade resources.

Tech Exploring – Tech Resource Site

If you want to learn about anything related to technology, is an excellent place to begin your research. The site has thousands of resources for those looking to gain knowledge in a variety of tech-related industries like hardware, gadgets, the cloud, and web development. To learn web development, you must first have an idea of how computers and the internet works – and Tech Exploring is an effective resource to help you do that.

W3Schools – Programming Resource

Programming plays a vital role in the web development process, so opting to spend some time at W3Schools will pay dividends to your learning curve. The site itself has thousands of tutorials to help you learn any programming language from basic frontend HTML to advanced server-side languages like PHP. This resource has been around for years and it’s helped many successful web developers get where they are today.

Hongkiat – Web Development Resources

Hongkiat is well-known to many in the web development industry as the place to go for free web development resources such as scripts, graphics, WordPress themes and many other helpful tools. It’s a great blog with many helpful articles and tutorials for web dev newbies looking to better their skillsets. If you’re starting out in web development, bookmark Hongkiat and receive the latest resources and helpful tutorials to increase your knowledge.

Code Academy

Code Academy is another programming tutorials website that you just can’t ignore if learning how websites are built is your number one priority. There are many free classes you can take to better your knowledge and increase your skillset. The website is free, but there are paid tutorials that offer in-depth knowledge of a specific programming language, which is perfect if you’re getting better at coding.

Learning to build websites takes time and plenty of patience. You’ll often find that your knowledge can’t be helped anymore because you’re getting stuck behind certain obstacles. However, by taking advantage of the above resources, you’ll have plenty of information by your side to help you succeed.

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