5 Gadgets For Fitness

These days, it seems like most people are more conscious of their health, because new fitness and health gadgets are coming out almost every day, and they have been flying off the shelves, which means a lot of people are buying them. If you are interested in becoming more health conscious, there are a five fitness gadgets that you need to have, because they are the best available gadgets.

#5. Nike Fuelband.

This is a wrist band from Nike that allows you to track your activity, and also serves as a motivational tool if you aren’t as active as you would like. It has motion sensors that allow you to track your daily movement, the information is translated into Nike Fuel Points, which allow you to compare yourself with other people that use the wrist band, regardless of which sport you do on a regular basis. The Nike Fuelband also tracks the amount of steps you take per day, and if you take 10,000 or more steps, it means that you are living a healthy lifestyle. In addition to tracking your movements, the wrist band also tells the time, so it can also serve as a watch.

#4. Strava Run and Cycling.

These are apps that you can download on your smartphones, they allow you plot your route if you are going on a run or riding your bike, using GPS, and it also keeps track of your performance. Like the Nike Fuelband, the Strava run and cycling apps allow you to compare your performance with other people that use the app, which provides you with more motivation if you aren’t doing as well as you had hoped.

#3. Finis Neptune.

Most people that are exercising enjoy listening to music while they are doing so, but people who enjoy swimming as their exercise of choice, didn’t have that option, until Finis Neptune came along. This gadget allows you to listen to music while swimming, because it relays music to the user’s ears, through bone conduction audio, without the use of ear buds. This allows users to swim and enjoy their favorite tunes at the same time.

#2. Garmin Fenix 2.

This is a little pricier than the other gadgets on the list, but is definitely worth the price. It is designed for people who are really serious about their fitness, because it is able to track a lot of different activities, like snowboarding, swimming, skiing, running, and even sleeping. In addition to the tracking abilities, the watch can also notify you if you have incoming emails, messages and calls.

#1. Fitbit Surge.

This gadget monitors your heart rate, and other metrics like the speed and pace of the activities that you do. It also uses GPS to create the best route for you to go running or cycling. You can customize the Fitbit Surge to track up to seven activities, and it also tells the time.

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