5 Automated Jobs You Can Pass Off On Your POS

The summer can be your peak season depending on your business, and you need to focus on implementing your seasonal sales strategies. Your POS can help with some tasks. Here are 5 automated jobs you can pass off to your POS.

1. Staff Management

At the end of a hectic day, staff can forget to check out. Set your POS software to automatically clock out employees who have forgotten. Have an alert sent when labor percentages get too high.

Mastering repetitive tasks like scheduling are an important way to be more efficient. Automatic scheduling combines your labor spending goals with sales data, machine learning, staff availability, and even weather forecasts to create an employee shift schedule with maximum accuracy. It’s possible to integrate your employee shift scheduling tool with your restaurant’s point-of-sale. 

Delegation makes sure your more experienced employees are using their time effectively. Automatic staff scheduling tools consider your labor spending goals and build your restaurant schedule so your best servers have the busiest shifts or that requests for holidays have been taken into account. All you ultimately need to do is communicate the schedule with staff, which a mobile restaurant scheduling tool can do automatically.

2. Inventory Ordering

You have to keep track of your inventory if you want to sell lots of merchandise all year round, and this is something you can delegate to your POS. Set up a connection between your software and your vendors and set qualifiers. Your POS can reorder when your inventory reaches a certain threshold. There are no delays. You can have alerts sent to your managers when certain inventory is low.

If you have more than one retail store, a critical component is multi-store inventory management. The inventory management system should have centralized stock control capacity so you can manage products from one platform from more than one store.

Your POS system should make it possible to generate reports for each store and transfer stock from one location to the next. If you own a multi-outlet retail business (or you’re planning to expand), make sure you can do everything from a single solution because it’s annoying to have to manage stores on separate systems.

Multi-Channel Retail 

If you have both a traditional brick and mortar store and an online store, your sales and stock movements should be synced across both channels. What is more, a reliable POS system will help you keep good financial records. 

Getting a grip on your inventory is not a one-time thing, especially if you run a restaurant. It is a process and is usually executed in consecutive steps. Although it’s not pleasant, you can’t do without inventory management, so let your POS deal with it!

3. Data Access

It’s important to have access to data at all times. You can use your POS to customize what data you want to see and make the process of seeing it at specific intervals automatic. You can even get reports exported to your ERP or accounting systems to be used for a custom interface.

4. Marketing 

Nobody has time to personalize their product although that’s a great way to engage with your customers. This is something your POS can help you with. It can be automated to send out an email when a customer subscribes. You can even send multiple emails out at certain time intervals marketing anything from your sales, brand, or merchandise.

Display stands are among the most common ways that retailers employ POS marketing. Retailers highlight new products being released from different brands alongside their original products by using either cardboard cutouts or specially designed displays from the manufacturer. 

Display stands are very suitable if you want to succeed in what’s known as suggestive selling, like positioning coffee and cream next to each other. 

Endcaps and display stands are a great way to encourage customers to buy complementary items based on a common or related theme, such as grouping all similar items in the store together.

POS end caps and novel display stands in retail establishments help customers make quick choices about extra food products to buy as they approach the cash register.

Another option could be putting an innovative or unique item to display your wares, such as an old-fashioned display carriage. This might inspire clients to grab a few extra items.

5. Customer Management

Your POS can set qualifiers for your segments or tiers for promotions when you have a customer loyalty program. Your POS can automatically elevate customers from one stage to the next. Moreover, your POS can send discounts or vouchers to a particular group of customers. Your POS will inform your cashier know if the customer has discounts or points on their membership account.

Integration with CRM 

It’s easy to track purchasing behaviors using a POS system that integrates with a customer relationship management (CRM) portal. A retailer can be sure that when customers enter their store, they will find the goods they hoped to purchase and try them out. This will ensure a positive in-store experience and minimize the hassle of customers refunding items which do not meet their expectations. What a relief that would be!

Although you should try to customize your marketing efforts toward gaining new customers, know that your regular patrons are your business’s backbone. Studies show that repeat customers spend two-thirds more than first-time customers when they return. They are worth 10 times as much as their first purchase on average over their lifetime.

Final Thoughts 

There is no need to pay someone to do all this or do it yourself. It’s high time to utilize your POS system’s capacities and get it to help you. You have a busy season ahead. Let your POS help you this summer – and any time you have a peak period in the future. As a retailer, your ultimate goal should be increasing your net revenue fast, in part by reducing operating costs. POS systems are very effective when it comes to reducing operating costs, as you’ve learned. They assist retailers by automating the tedious everyday tasks described in this article. 

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