4 Types of Interviews that Businesses Can Use as Video Content

Interviews are a timeless type of content, and are just as popular now as ever. But while you are likely to have a very fixed idea of what an interview video looks like, the fact of the matter is that there are several types of interviews that your business can use as video content.

Expert interviews

When most people think of interviews they are thinking of expert interviews, where an authority who is knowledgeable on the subject is interviewed for their insights. Technically celebrity interviews fall under this banner as well.

Expert interviews are a way that you can provide useful content to potential leads that ties in to what your business has to offer. It can be used to build up your follower base on social media or generate traffic for a website, and will help foster a relationship.

Conducting expert interviews is an art however – and may require some skill and practice.

Business leader interviews

Unlike expert interviews, a business leader interview will have a subject who is someone in a position of authority within your business (or maybe even you). It will give you the opportunity to let potential customers know what your business is all about, as well as its vision, goals, and so on.

Business interviews are very useful as they help to put a human face on the business that people can connect or relate to. At the same time it helps position you (or the subject) as an authority within the niche.

Customer interviews

Interviewing your businesses’ existing customers can be extremely useful – and will act as video testimonial. It will essentially provide social proof to other potential customers, and can be extremely persuasive.

To create effective testimonial videos, it is important that it looks completely genuine. While most testimonials tend to be relatively short snippets, it is possible to record a longer interview and use it as part of a case study.

Staff interviews

Normally staff interviews are included as part and parcel of brand culture videos, as they let viewers see the people working at the brand and hear what they think about it. It is important that these videos come off as authentic and genuine so viewers feel they’re getting a real peek behind the scenes of the business.

Because of that it tends to be best to adopt an informal approach to content of this type. For example, rather than sitting down to a formal interview you could record a video wandering around the office and asking staff impromptu questions.

Traditionally one of the main limiting factors of interviews was the fact that you needed to schedule a meet up to record such videos. Nowadays however you can just set up a video call and use a screen recorder for Windows like Movavi Screen Capture Studio to record it.

In short interviews are a type of video that is easy to produce, and extremely versatile. If you haven’t already started to explore the possibilities of this type of content – you should start to do so.

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