4 Gadgets that Stole the Show in 2017

Although the first month of 2018 is already over, it’s still going to be a while before the prime gadgets of the year are revealed to the general public. Nevertheless, 2017 was an excellent year for technology all around and there were definitely some noteworthy products launched last year.

Visit to stay updated with the latest upcoming tech news and just about everything else that’s going on in the world. In this article, we are now going to take a look at four gadgets from 2017 which impressed us the most.

Xbox One X

Just as the marketing slogan from Microsoft suggests, Project Scorpio, aka the Xbox One X is truly the world’s most powerful console yet. It’s the only console available in the market right now that’s capable of running games in true 4K resolution at 30/60fps. If you are thinking about the PlayStation 4 Pro, it doesn’t even come close to the true power of the One X unfortunately. Just take a look at Forza Motorsport 7 if you are in any doubt regarding how stunning the console can make games look on a quality 4K panel. It also carries a 4K Blu-ray drive for playing movies if and when you need it to. To top it all off, the Xbox One X does all this and more at about half the price of a similarly powered PC.

iPhone X

The truth is that Apple didn’t really do anything that the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the Xiaomi MI Mix had not already done earlier, but even then, the iPhone X was the first of its kind to sport a borderless OLED display at a ratio of 18:9 and a superb facial recognition software. Not that the iPhone X is flawless mind you because the lack of a fingerprint scanner and the infamous notch have not been received well by a large portion of the fans and critics alike. Even so, the iPhone X marked a huge step forward for Apple’s smartphone design.

DJI Spark

What makes the DJI Spark unique is the fact that it doesn’t require a remote control to operate. The tiny drone would fit comfortably on the palm and from there, all you need to do is press the button on the Spark’s back twice to set it off. Once it’s up and flying, the DJI Spark can be controlled via hand gestures, which is why it’s one of the most impressive gadgets of 2017. It’s not a perfect product by any means, but the tiny drone is most definitely a step in the right direction as far as drone tech is concerned.

Intel Compute Card

It was more than a year back that the Intel Compute Card was introduced at the CES 2017 and it still remains just as impressive. The Compute Card is a tiny computer, which comes in almost the same form factor as a credit card. The objective of creating the product is to keep smart devices such as refrigerators and security camera systems updated with the latest internals for years, without having to replace the entire device.

While these were some of the most impressive gadgets from last year, 2018 is expected to be even bigger for new technology.

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