4 Easy Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Once you have used a free website builder like this from WebEden, the next task is to drive plenty of traffic to your newly built website. Having a fantastic looking website will count for nothing if people don’t know about it and can’t find it within the various search engines. This is why creating a web presence through promotion and marketing are vital factors, that make a website successful. Website builders, WebEden are here with 4 easy implemented tips that will help boost the amount of traffic to your new site.


If you have never heard of SEO, it stands for search engine optimisation. This is one of the most effective and free ways you can increase the amount of traffic that visits your website. There is a wealth of information online for those not familiar with SEO, including this handy SEO for beginners guide by MOZ.

An effective SEO  strategy will help people find your website in relation to their search queries. However, don’t expect results overnight. A good, safe SEO strategy is also a lengthy process. A process in which the keywords you want to rank for need clearly defined objectives and goals. Make sure you check out this SEO checklist.

A Social Media presence

Another effective, simple and free way to drive traffic to your site is to get your website on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and of course, Facebook.

One of the easiest ways to reach a wide number of people is through social media, simply due to the sheer amount of people who use it. You can use your new websites social media pages to share interesting facts about the industry, or to make updates and posts regarding your website. One of the best ways of utilising social media is through creating shareable pieces of content (share bait) which people share on their own walls, in turn, creating a domino effect. Videos are one of the best ways of achieving this.

Stay updated

A website that is untidy or hasn’t been updated in a while will undoubtedly drive people away from your website. Keeping your website up to date and fresh is absolutely key when looking to attract and retain new visitors. It’s also equally important to respond to any questions or comments posted on your website, on social media or via email. Failure in doing so may leave the impression that your website is no longer active.

Make sure your website is mobile friendly

The rise in smartphones and tablets in the past decade means people can browse the internet from anywhere. Those who don’t own a computer or laptop will only use their phone. The truth is, if your website isn’t optimised for mobile, the majority of people will exit your website from just one look. For instance, a website that isn’t compatible with mobile devices means you will have to manually zoom in and out of every page to read the content, which of course nobody wants.

Final thoughts

Always follow what your main competitors are up to and stay active with new strategies and solutions. If something isn’t working, it’s never too late to change it. As long as you are willing to experiment you are likely to find yourself with many new visitors.

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