4 Apps You Need to Own if You Offer Accountancy Services

If you’ve obtained your online masters of accounting, and you’re now offering your own accountancy services to your own client base, it’s important you’re well-organized to provide the best service to your clients and to take advantage of the master’s degree in accounting that you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Doing that isn’t easy, though, as there are many day-to-day tasks and plenty of stress that comes with running your own accountancy firm. However, with the help of technology and mobile apps, it’s now possible to relieve plenty of that stress. Here are 5 apps you should own if you’re an accountant.


Evernote might only be a simple app, but it’s one to consider if you easily forget things. Evernote does exactly what it says on the tin, it helps you create and save notes to take advantage of at a later time, saving you a lot of hassle. Although the app is as simple as saving notes, it does come with a host of other features depending on your requirements. From business card scanning and PDF annotation, to knowledge discovery and presentation mode – Evernote promises to be there for you when you need it the most.

Pocket Informant

Whatever cell phone or tablet you take advantage of to undertake your daily tasks, you’ll already have a handy calendar at your disposal to better manage your daily routine. However, many of these apps are very limited and don’t have the required features to take organizing to a whole new level. All that changes with Pocket Informant, though. The simple app is more or less a calendar that’s feature-rich and has everything an accountant needs to thrive. Features include multiple time zone monitoring, a to-do list with multiple categories, Evernote integration and so much more – the many features that will better your organization as an accountant.


For expense billing and tracking, there aren’t many better apps on the market than Tallie. Tallie promises an easy expense billing experience that’ll help you cut down on the usual time it takes to get finances in order. Staying on top of your billing will help your business flow nicely, and it’ll mean you’ll have more time to spend on other important day to day tasks, such as looking after your clients. Tallie also has the ability to automate many expenses billing processes, saving you even more time.


If you find you’re on the road meeting with clients more than you are in the office, AroundMe could prove to be a vital app that helps you take a break on the road. AroundMe is a POI (Point of Interest) app that’ll help you navigate to anything close by like a restaurant, gas station, Starbucks, and many other services. The app isn’t going to help you as an accountant as such, but it’ll help you take a break and that could help you boost efficiency and clear your mind to provide an all-round better service.

The above 4 apps only scratch the surface of what’s available to help better manage the day to day tasks of an accountant. If you’re really looking to do more with your time, install the above apps and you’ll find more time to undertake the jobs that really matter.

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