3 Tips to Help You Get the Most from Your ECM Software

The way you manage your workflow has a big impact on your productivity and your profit. If you are working with an inefficient system, you are wasting valuable man hours and risking a lot of human errors. With ECM (enterprise content management) software, you can digitize your company’s documents so that you can immediately access any of your data from wherever you are. You can improve your collaboration efforts, have improved data security, ensure compliance, and much more.

However, your ECM software is only as efficient as you make it. If you want to achieve the full benefits of this incredible technology, you must take the time for careful planning and strategic implementation. Here is a look at three ways you can make sure you are reaching your full potential with your business management software:

Define Your Goals Before Implementation

Before you start using your ECM software, it is imperative that you make clear goals for what you want the software to achieve. Each industry will have unique compliance concerns and required processes that you need to make sure are covered. You also need to determine if document collaboration is going to be something your company is going to want to use, and you want to set specific workflows for documents so that errors can be caught before they are made.

Set Clear Pathways for Your Documents

Make a map of where each type of document enters your organization, and then determine who will get the document next, and who will get it after them, and so on. For example, you can decide that new client information needs to go to the billing department first, and then it will be seen by marketing, and then passed on to customer service. By determining where each department fits into your workflow you can be sure that everyone has access to the most up to date documents so they can access information on demand.

Choose One Person to Oversee the ECM Software

Whether you want to designate one person per department or one person for the entire company, you should choose key staff members who will go through in-depth training to learn the ins and outs of the ECM software. Ideally, you would select someone from the IT department as well. This way, when one of your employees has questions or runs into issues during the learning process, they will have someone in-house to turn to. This also makes sure that your company will learn all of the many features of the ECM software so that you can apply the right processes to your business.

Just like with all business tools, you must commit to regularly reviewing your workflow and analytics to make sure they are still on track with your current goals. As your focus alters, so should the way you use your ECM software. Once you and your team have learned the business process management software, you will wonder how you ever functioned without it.

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