3 Sources To Turn To In Order To Remain Engaged With Current Affairs

We all know just how important it is to remain engaged and up to date with current affairs. Changes in technology make this easier every day, but there are also some non-technology sources you can turn too. Let’s look at three varying sources that you can utilize to stay abreast of current affairs as they happen.

Source 1: Social Media

It is incredible how many big organizations now have a presence on social media. You would never have thought a few years ago that the home of the Queen of England would have its own Twitter account. Nor that the President of the United States would have his own account. Nor that he would occasionally tweet out to the world himself (tweets signed -bo. are from Obama himself). Due to the prominence of the people and companies and organizations engaging with various forms of social media, it really is now a place to turn to. You won’t just find news, articles, columns, but do to the social nature of things, you will also find discussions. Debates! Disagreements! It makes for a truly thrilling form of news consumption and invites you in to become more involved yourself.

Source 2: Printed and Digital News Outlets

Another source to turn to for your current affairs hit is that of the written news. However, this should be absorbed in two different ways. As both printed news, and as digital news. Print newspapers and digital news outlets deserve to be regarded as different sources in this instance. Why? Because of the difference in how we consume them. We you read a newspaper, you are presented with a limited amount of news. As you read, you absorb everything in the paper. You don’t have control over what will be on the next page you turn to. This means that the newspaper is in charge of your intake of information. You happen upon stories and articles that you might not have read about otherwise. Conversely, when reading news online, we tend to something very different. We are guided from article to article based on what interests us. This is only encouraged by digital news outlets suggesting other articles that it thinks might interest you.

Print news is important to consume as it encourages you to read about a broader range of current affairs. However, digital news is just as valuable. This is because it allows you to get truly informed of an issue, as you can find many related and relevant news pieces. Take The Washington Post for example. Let’s say you wanted to know more about current news revolving around terrorism. You can see all of the most recent articles relating to the nonpartisan organization Foundation for Defense of Democracies grouped together in one place. This allows fast and easy consumption of the news that you want to know more about.

Source 3: Friends and Colleagues

Finally, don’t forget the huge value of discussing the news and current issues with friends, colleagues and others. Human opinion, straight from the brain, is highly valuable and informative. Be open to viewpoints and opinions that are different from your own, and allow yourself to learn from them.

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