3 Benefits Of Having Your Team On Site

Working remotely is all the rage in business right now, whether your industry is marketing or sales, people can work from home and check in via phone or video at any time. Companies consider the logistics of a staff in the office as well as the costs and overheads, which is why remote working is encouraged. The most people are out of the office and trailblazing to hit deadlines, the less money that you have to spend on electricity uses!

The thing is, having a whole team work remotely isn’t always the best idea. You can be a supporter of remote working, but still prefer everyone to be onsite with you. If you have a team of staff working in a warehouse, it’s ideal to be nearby. Not so that you can keep an eye on them, but so that you get see your managers and your staff as you need to. It’s a good way to brainstorm and making sure that you supervise steel building construction of an onsite office next to your warehouse can achieve that. So, what are the benefits of being onsite with your team?

Avoid Cliché’s. When you have remote staff, ‘out of sight, out of mind’ becomes the ultimate cliché. Usually, having a staff you can see and speak to within seconds means that you can assess where there are issues and make them a priority as you need to. If they’re out of your sight, you’re not going to be thinking of them as a pressing concern. The same is true of project work, as key decisions can face delays. This is not going to please the clients. Avoid the cliché and keep the team you need onsite with you; that way, those deadlines get met every single time.

Efficiency = Accuracy. If you are efficient in meeting your deadlines, you can roll out your projects smoothly. It is far easier to avoid issues when you have the right people that you need nearby to fix them as you need them fixed. You need to be able to work together in an efficient manner to deliver a project on time and accurately. This is far easier to do when you all work together in the same area instead of being apart and over Skype.

Strong Relationships. A remote staff is handy for your overheads, but it does create a gap in the working relationship that you could have if people are onsite with you. A physical divide between the team and the business can manifest as a distance in business. You can avoid this with a present staff. A project that needs to be done can only be done as a team, rather than an ‘us vs them’. You need people to embed themselves properly in the business so that everyone can work in sync.

Working onsite can trump remote working for all the reasons above and if you ensure that you have an office built on site of production, you can be closer to your staff.

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