10 Essential Gadgets For Your Travels

Summer holidays are supposed to be a time to escape from the stresses of everyday life – but there is something unbelievably addictive about gadgets that make it almost impossible to ditch them for an entire week! There is no need for you gadget-obsessed folks to worry though, as they can actually be incredibly handy on your travels – and here is the proof! Here are 10 gadgets that you won’t want to travel without every again:

It’s hugely important to stay safe in the sun, and June is a piece of wearable tech that does exactly that – it keeps you safe in the sun. This wristband, as well as featuring a gold or silver jewel to make it all pretty, also features sunbathing sensors that monitor sun exposure throughout the day. It then alerts you when you need to reapply sun cream via an app on your smartphone. It even tells you if you should put a hat on! Pretty nifty.

The popularity of GoPro cameras has exploded in the last year or so, and for great reason! These cameras are not just to film extreme events such as skydiving or scuba diving. Sure, they are great for that, but even just bringing a GoPro along with you on your less ‘extreme’ travels can be an amazing new way to photograph and film your trip. Take one with you on a beach walk or around various tourist attractions so you can relive the experience again at home! Creating a holiday slideshow for family and friends is still mandatory though…

Wi-Fi Cufflinks

These cufflinks are absolutely perfect for a business trip abroad, or even for when you’re bored at the airport waiting for a delayed flight. One of the cufflinks provides the stylish wearer with a wi-fi hotspot, and the other doubles up as a 2GB USB so you can store your work on there (or a few films for the flight). Oh, and they also make you feel a little bit like James Bond.

Pet Cube

Going away, even for a short period of time, can be tough when you’ve had to leave your beloved pet at home. The Pet Cube is a remote wireless camera that allows you to monitor your pet, and even speak to them, while you’re away – all from your smartphone!

Trakdot Luggage Monitor

If you have ever been unlucky enough to have your luggage go missing, you will know how stressful it is, and how quickly it can ruin your trip away. Trakdot Luggage Tracker is a tracker that allows you see exactly where your suitcases are right from your smartphone. By placing these trackers inside your bags, you will be able to keep an eye on them whenever you like, and you will even receive text alerts when it arrives at the set destination for that extra peace of mind!

J Pillow

You know those neck pillows you can always buy at the airport? And you know how terrible they are at actually keeping your head upright? Well the J Pillow has solved this issue, and it is shaped so that it supports your head, neck and even allows you to rest your chin on it. It’s a great way to get comfortable and get some (often much-needed) sleep on your travels.

Portable Phone Charger

Running out of phone battery is never fun, particularly when you’re travelling. How are you going to take photographs (okay, selfies…) of your travels? More importantly, having your phone on you keeps you safe abroad. Portable phone chargers are cheap, and can charge up multiple devices on the go. Just make sure you remember to charge the charger first!

BioLite CampStove

It’s rare to find a tree that has a plug socket! So when you’re camping charging your phone is a luxury you’re going to have to live without. If you’re smart enough to own the BioLite CampStove however, this gadget just needs to burn a few sticks in order to generate enough electricity to cook some food – and also to charge multiple electronic devices such as you and your friends’ smartphones!

Selfie Stick

Asking somebody to take a photograph of you and your family always leads to a blurry photo that you have to pretend to be happy with, doesn’t it? This is where the idea of the selfie stick comes in! Squeezing everybody into a selfie can be a real challenge, and this gadget has an extendable arm so you can take a selfie from a meter away. It even includes a Bluetooth enabled button on the handle so you don’t have to mess around with the timer. No wonder you see these everywhere these days.

Emergency Call Anywhere

Before you travel abroad you should always find out the local emergency contact number. But when you’re excited about a holiday, and have thousands of other things to remember to pack, this is often forgotten about! Well now you just have to remember to download the Emergency Call Anywhere app, and you will have access to the emergency numbers of every single country. Easy! matches busy people with local, trusted cleaners. It helps busy working professionals to free up their time to do the things that matter most in life. Users simply type in their postcode to find the right cleaner for them and book, pay and manage everything via its online platform. operates in London, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and Dublin.

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